CFP Timothy Plan Interview

19 – The Timothy Plan with Guest Art Ally

This week, Bob and Mary Jo interview a special guest and long time friend and Christian brother, Art Ally. Art is The Founder, President & CEO of The Timothy Plan Mutual Funds, a fund family categorized as a Biblically Responsible Investment (BRI).

eVALUEator Tool with Guest Dave Hart

18 – eVALUEator With Guest Dave Hart

This week, Bob and Mary Jo interview David Hart, the president of sales and marketing for eVALUEator services. eVALUEator is a tool for screening investments according to morally and biblically-responsible values. It is a tool for giving investors knowledge and the ability to be a good steward and stay away from various activities.

The Need for Financial Planning

17 – The Need for Financial Planning

Would you take a road trip without a map or GPS? In this episode, Bob and Mary Jo cover the many reasons for needing financial planning. Financial planning is the process of wisely managing your finances so that you can achieve your dreams and goals – quite simply, a map to get you to the financial future you desire.

Christian Financial Perspectives Podcast Cover Art of exhausted couple with stacked papers titled Procrastination

16 – Procrastination

Many find themselves in a revolving cycle of of putting off financial matters that need to be done. Could you be in this cycle? Bob and Mary Jo talk about one of the main reasons for financial failure in almost every area of your finances – procrastination.

Setting Financial Goals

15 – Setting Financial Goals

What are your financial goals and what have you done to help make them happen? This week, Bob and Mary Jo offer tips and advice that may give an extra advantage when it comes to fulfilling financial goals.