58 – What’s Your Money History

Money is an emotional topic, and everyone has a money history, whether they realize it or not. Bob and Mary Jo discuss their financial past and how it changed the way that they view money today. They explore money histories and how it impacts behavior.

Financial Strategies for Small Business Owners

57 – Financial Strategies For Small Business Owners

As financial advisors that serve other small businesses every day, Bob and Mary Jo understand the small business owner and want to help. This episode covers small business owners’ long term financial interests and applying wisdom to the decisions they make today for a bright future.

Loss of a Spouse Episode Cover Image

56 – Loss Of A Spouse

Bob and Mary Jo discuss the loss of a spouse. Having been financial advisors for many years, they both have dealt with clients who have experienced the life changing event of losing a spouse through death or divorce. Whether you fit in this category or not, you may know someone who does so we invite you to listen and share with anyone you may know dealing with a loss or about to.

Integrating Faith and Finances Episode

55 – Integrating Faith And Finances

In this podcast, Bob and Mary Jo answer three questions about integrating your faith with your finances.

Is it okay for Christians to be financially successful?
Purpose vs Profits – can you invest for both?
Why the decline in individual generosity?

Tax Efficient Tithing Strategies

54 – Tax Efficient Tithing Strategies

Bob and Mary Jo are joined by special guest and brother in Christ, John Madison, CPA. John is the owner and founder of Dayspring Financial Ministry, a biblical financial counseling and coaching ministry. John explains the more tax efficient ways that we can donate to charity given the current tax laws.