102 – High Investment Returns And Wealth

When it comes to high investment returns and wealth, there are common traits, attributes, and characteristics that we see in those with millions in their investment accounts. Many people believe high investment returns are the only way to wealth, but that usually is not the case. For the majority of us, most of our wealth growth has to deal with circumstances outside of returns. Therefore, Shawn and Bob present 15 commonly seen traits in millionaires that Bob has personally seen in his own clients over the past 37 years, as well as covering some myths on chasing investment returns.

101 – Preparing for the Next Economic Winter

In our last episode, Bob and Shawn spoke about 4 different economic booms and busts. This time, they discuss how to prepare for the bad financial times during the good financial times. How can we prepare for an economic bust, or what Bob and Shawn are calling an “economic winter”? Bob points to several passages in the Bible that discuss preparedness and anticipation.