136 – What Is The True Meaning Of Christmas

We’ve probably all found ourselves caught up in Christmas sales, the need to find perfect gifts, and all the stress that comes along with this holiday. What used to be a time of celebration, joy, and giving has slowly turned into a holiday of big businesses making sales quotas. No longer is Christmas the joyous occasion that it used to be.

We present statistics on just how money driven Christmas has become, and also present what Christmas time should truly be about. It’s jaw dropping the average amount an American household spends on Christmas! Instead of focusing on all of the gifts and decorations, sometimes it is good to take a step back and refocus on what Christmas is truly about.

135 – The #1 Reason Behind Financial Success

Financial success is not just making a lot of money, but more importantly, it is WHAT you do with the money you make. Are you investing it correctly and diversely? Is your family prepared financially if something were to happen to you? Do you have money set aside for the future in case of a financial disaster like a loss of a job or disability? All of these and more are key to being financially successful and prepared.

So, what two words can easily sum up financial success? Bob and Shawn discuss what most financially successful individuals do in order to invest wisely, save consistently, NOT procrastinate, and have a financial plan in place. Listen in to discover the key reason behind financial success!

134 – The #1 Reason For Financial Failure

There can be many reasons for financial failure, but one sticks out above all the rest. Bob and Shawn go into detail about the #1 reason for financial failure and the detrimental effect that it may have on your financial future. What exactly do we at Christian Financial Advisors consider financial failure? It can include a variety of items, but some financial failures that Shawn and Bob talk about are:

– Not having a will in place

– Not having life insurance (or enough life insurance)

– The inability to retire because of lack of savings

Listen in to see how you can help prevent financial failure in your life!

133 – Creative Giving Strategies

Is creative giving something that has crossed your mind when it comes to your investments and legacy? If giving back is part of how you want to be remembered, then this episode is for you! Christian Financial Advisors is here to help you find unique ways to give back and help create a positive impact in our world.

This is such a great episode that coincides with the giving season we are in right now at the end of the year! Bob and Shawn discuss unique and creative ways that you can give using devices like donor-advised funds or even creating your own family-giving fund. Really, no matter which way you decide to give back with all that God has blessed you with, paying it forward is a way to love your neighbor as yourself.

132 – 2022 Year End Tax Strategies

It’s that time of year again! The time where we all start looking at our finances to try and figure out what types of tax savings we can procure through various strategies before December 31st hits. Christian Financial Perspectives is here to help you out with that! Of course, we always recommend running these strategies by your CPA or tax professional first.

Bob and Shawn mention multiple tax saving strategies and deductions with data included for married couples, single filers, head of households, and those over a certain age. There’s a lot of information in this episode, so we recommend grabbing a pen and paper to take notes.

131 – How Christians Should Handle Their Money From a Biblical Worldview

In this episode, we present several verses on Biblical stewardship, management, and ownership to help better understand how Christians should approach money and wealth with a Biblical worldview. If you are a Christian, does the way you handle wealth line up with your Biblical worldview? Did you know that you could be unintentionally supporting anti-biblical values with your investments and not even know it? Not only that but the way that we view and manage money is so important.

We are actually the managers of all that God has blessed us with here on earth, and we are to manage His property and wealth wisely. This is also known as stewardship, or being responsible for managing something that belongs to someone else. As Christians, it is important to be good stewards of all that God has blessed us with in His name.

130 – 21 Questions To Ask A Financial Advisor

Finding a financial advisor should be treated like a job interview, especially when searching for a Christian financial advisor. You probably don’t want just any investment advisor handling your money, which is essentially your future. In order to try and find the best financial advisor for you and your situation, Bob and Shawn have put together 21 questions that they believe you should ask a financial advisor. This includes questions like:

– What is your educational background?
– What kind of safeguards do you have in place to protect my financial information?
– What if something happened to you, or you were out on vacation or sick leave, who would serve me?

All of these and more are addressed in this episode so that you can be as confident as possible in your future when it comes to choosing a financial advisor.

128 – 7 Steps Before Big Financial Decisions

It has happened to the best of us. We have a big financial decision, and we jump the gun to make a large purchase before we ask for advice or really think things through, leaving us financially vulnerable afterward. Since making big financial decisions is something that we all face eventually, Bob and Shawn have put together seven recommended steps you should take before making a large purchase.

These steps can be used for anything, such as buying a new car, your first house, or even new appliances. Gaining advice and insight through using these seven steps can help take away the stress and fear of the unknown when it comes to your finances. Knowing you have the monetary means to confidently make a large purchase can offer an indescribable feeling of financial freedom.

127 – Annuities 101: The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly

Bob and Shawn discuss the pros and cons of an annuity, i.e. the good, the bad, and the ugly. What exactly is an annuity? It is an insurance contract issued and distributed by financial institutions with the intention of paying out invested funds in a fixed income stream in the future. We discuss the types of annuities – variable annuities, fixed annuities, and fixed indexed annuities.

Did you know many annuities don’t require you to be a financial advisor to sell them? This is why it is so important to always go through a fiduciary-based investment advisor when dealing with annuities and other investment products. For example, fixed and fixed indexed annuities are the MOST sold annuities but are NOT regulated by the SEC or FINRA, which can lead to abusive selling practices. This, along with several other issues, may lead to severe complications in the future for investors. There are some good qualities as well, which are also touched upon in this episode, but we want you to get the full story.

126 – 10 Flaws Of DIY Investing

Bob and Shawn delve into the investing realm to discuss why investing isn’t something that you should just DIY. This episode is super important for anyone who has ever thought about investing on their own. Investing correctly involves time, tools, and expertise. You really might be surprised at the flaws of DIY investing, and why it is not something that we recommend you do solo!

Christian Financial Advisors has the tools to help you with an investment portfolio, and these tools come at a price of both money and time. Think of how many things in your life you normally wouldn’t attempt to do-it-yourself: fixing household appliances, car maintenance, roofing, etc. You call a professional! These same conditions also apply to investing. Find out why you should stick to a professional, fiduciary based financial advisor when it comes to your investment portfolio.

125 – The Basics of Estate Planning

We discuss the basics of an estate plan, documents that should be included, and the importance of a financial power of attorney. How long has it been since you last updated your estate plan, or do you even have one? There are obvious considerations, like having a new child, and not-so-obvious reasons like your child just became a legal adult.

No matter your rationale, it is crucial to keep your estate plan as up-to-date as possible, usually every 3-4 years. These topics and more are broken down into an easy-to-follow conversation to help you better understand the importance of updating and creating an estate plan.

124 – 10 Keys to Retiring Well

Last episode, we covered “10 Pitfalls To Retiring Well”. In this episode, Bob and Shawn go a little more positive in discussing “10 Keys To Retiring Well”. Whether you are 20 years away from retiring or thinking about making this life transition within the next couple of years, this is advice for everyone of every age and life stage within this episode’s unique discussion.

Retiring can be daunting, and while it may seem like there are one or two keys missing, it’s okay to feel that way! However, Christian Financial Advisors wants to take as much fear out as possible by helping you prepare for this life’s transition. So sit back and listen to discover some key takeaways you can obtain from this episode on “10 Keys To Retiring Well”.

123 – 10 Pitfalls To Retiring Well

In this episode, Bob and Shawn introduce some of the common pitfalls that occur that may keep you from retiring well. Many of us look forward to retirement, but when the time actually comes, we don’t know what to do with all of the extra hours in the day. It can be hard to face retirement, especially when it comes too early, and we have wrapped our entire identity around our career.

Here are 10 pitfalls to watch out for when it comes to retiring, including factors like retiring too early and lack of purpose. So, tune in to learn about the “10 Pitfalls to Retiring Well”.

122 – Gold Fever. Is It Worth It?

What comes to mind when you hear the word “gold”? For most of us, it creates a sense of wealth, stability, and purchase power. Gold was once considered a source of wealth and currency in the pre-global/pre-digital world economy (The Roman Empire and Biblical times) when it was readily accepted as a form of payment. However, times have changed, and the amount that gold is really worth – especially compared to the irreparable damage gold mines cause – just doesn’t seem to be worth it.

While gold might have been a good investment in the past, it is not great for long-term investments. Why? Bob and Shawn cover seven reasons why gold might not be a wise investment.

121 – Voting Right, Investing Left

Do you vote for candidates that align with your Christian values? Would you vote for a candidate that aligns with your values and then gives money to their opponent’s political campaign? The answer is most likely no.

In this episode, Bob and Shawn discuss if it makes any sense to vote with your values and then turn around and invest against your values. Literally millions of Conservative voters may be unknowingly supporting the leftest, liberal agenda by how they invest within their IRA’s, company retirement plans, government retirement plans, and brokerage accounts.

Isn’t it time to align how you vote with how you invest?

120 – What Is A Certified Kingdom Advisor

Bob and Shawn discuss the importance of the Certified Kingdom Advisor® (CKA®) designation, its meaning, and the requirements that go into it. A CKA® is something that you may not have heard of, but is extremely important in the realm of Christian professionals. For Christians choosing an investment portfolio, many find it important to connect with a financial advisor that shares their values and faith. Thus enters Kingdom Advisors.

Kingdom Advisors is a professional association that offers training and support to various Christian financial professionals who aim to integrate faith and finances within their business. They have taken Biblical values, along with core financial training, to create a designation that combines the two called a Certified Kingdom Advisor® (CKA®). If you see a CKA® designation next to a financial advisor, it symbolizes that you should receive sound financial advice within a Biblical context.

119 – 5 Reasons You Need a Christian Financial Advisor

Bob and Shawn present just 5 of the reasons that it is so important to work with a Christian financial advisor. A Christian financial advisor differs from a financial advisor that just happens to be a Christian. They may sound the same, but they indeed are not.

A Christian financial advisory firm believes in Biblically responsible investing and looking at investing in companies that make a world a better place. These morals and ways of investing are integrated throughout the company and how they operate.

A financial advisor that happens to be Christian may not be implementing these biblical guidelines into the way they invest. As a person, they are Christian, but how the company operates may not be. So, listen in as we complete our 3 part series on, “Why You Need…”

118 – 5 Reasons You Need An Investment Advisor

In this episode, Bob and Shawn continue our series on “5 Reasons You Need…” by discussing the reasons that you need an investment advisor. Sometimes, it seems like you can go it alone when you hear about all of the day traders out there and advertisements that make investing look easy. However, there’s a lot that goes into it, which is why you need a registered investment advisor to help you along your financial journey.

Proverbs 15:22 states, “Plans fail for lack of counsel, but with many advisers they succeed.” A good advisor monitors your portfolio and helps you stay on track with your financial goals. We are here to help and try to take the confusion out of investing. So, listen in to see just 5 of the many reasons why you need an investment advisor!

117 – 5 Reasons You Need a Financial Planner

There are many reasons that you might need a financial planner, but Bob and Shawn cover some of their favorite reasons in this episode. Just like you wouldn’t go on a long road trip without your maps turned on, you also don’t want to face life’s financial minefields without a map. A financial planner will help you create this map to help you navigate your financial life a little easier.

A great financial planner can also help you create a budget for saving, spending, and investing, while aiding you in making adjustments over the years as financial situations change. Learn about all these and more as you listen to 5 reasons why you need a financial planner.

116 – Recessions: Actions Vs Words

Check out these questions that Christian Financial Advisors recommends you ask yourself if you start panicking at all of the recession talk that is going around. You might just be surprised with your answers! Bob and Shawn really encourage you to think about what you are DOING right now during this time instead of just what people are SAYING.

Increased costs for both gas and food staples can make it feel like the world is ending, and many doomsayers want everyone to think just that. However, if you look around and really analyze the economy, things aren’t always as bleak as they first seem (or are making you feel). Here is just a little bit of encouragement for you during these times of uncertainty.

115 – Roller Coasters, Emotions, And Rubber Bands

The stock markets can make even the best of us get emotional. It goes up; we may become happy and excited! It goes down; we might become worried and stressed. So, how can we combat this roller coaster of emotions in order to get a better handle on how we feel when it comes to the continual ups and downs of the stock market?

One way is by getting educated on typical market trends and understanding just exactly how bear and bull markets work. In this episode, Bob and Shawn present some tips, and of course Bible verses, on getting a better perspective on the market, its checks and balances, and just taking your emotions out of the investment game, or at least as much as possible, anyways!

114 – Financial Sharks In Turbulent Waters

In this episode, Bob and Shawn discuss the financial sharks that we all have to watch out for during turbulent times and how they like to disguise themselves. For example, if you hear about a great investment opportunity that sounds “too good to be true”, then it is most likely just that – too good to be true. Have you ever seen one of those big postcard invitations in the mail for once-in-a-lifetime opportunities featuring a big juicy steak on the front? Have you ever received an email from a professional doomsayer about how the country is ending but miraculously happens to have the product to protect you from the disaster they just made up?

Most of these are meant to prey on our emotions in order to sell products to benefit the seller and not to benefit you. 1 Peter 5:8 gives this warning: “Be sober-minded; be watchful. Your adversary the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour.” The next time you receive a free offering for a steak at a high-end restaurant, be aware of the financial shark that may be behind this so-called “opportunity”.

113 – Christian Fundamentals For Investing

The Bible says a lot about stewardship and finances. In fact, stewardship is one of the most talked about subjects in the Bible! As a Christian, we believe that God owns everything, even our money. If we truly believe that God owns everything, then shouldn’t we be trying our best to invest and manage our money in a way that honors God?

In this episode, Bob presents various financial fundamentals for Christians that are looking at investing their money wisely and according to Biblical principles. From involving your spouse in investment decisions to staying consistent over many years, here are 10 Christian fundamentals for investing.

Benefits of a Bear Market Podcast Cover

112 – Benefits Of A Bear Market

Instead of looking at all of the cons of a bear market, Bob and Shawn discuss some of the pros of a falling market and how you might be able to take advantage of it. A bear market isn’t for the fainthearted, and it can cause most people to question if they have made all of the right choices with their money up until this point. However, without a bear market, we wouldn’t have bull markets. There must be a down to an up, an opposite driving force, if you will, that maintains balance.

111 – Questions For Down Markets

The only guarantee we have in the stock market is that it will have ups and downs. However, when the market starts going down, even the best of us start to question our decisions. Instead of questioning all of our choices, Bob and Shawn pose 7 questions we should be asking ourselves in order to try and remain confident. So, what questions should you ask yourself when the stock markets are in a downward trend? Find out by listening!

110 – A Christian’s Response To Today’s Investment Uncertainty

Listen in as Bob and Shawn discuss how a Christian should respond to investment uncertainty. There is always some form of uncertainty and risk when it comes to investing, but how we react to that risk makes a big difference. The last thing we want to do is let pure emotions dictate our decisions. More importantly, looking towards scripture is one way to try and gain peace and confidence when it comes to our investments. It all belongs to God anyways, doesn’t it?

109 – Investing During Turbulent Times

In this episode, Bob and Shawn discuss all of the emotions that we go through when the market isn’t exactly doing what we want (i.e usually a bear market). They also cover various scriptures that may help bring us wisdom and peace during these turbulent times and how to best combat these emotions. The stock market and investing always has ups and downs. It’s part of what makes investments both a risk and a benefit. Volatility is part of the natural cycle of a stock market, and while it’s okay to be a little nervous, it’s not okay to act based solely on emotions.

108 – Christian Financial Principles Part 2

Tune in to part 1 of our 2 part series on 12 Christian Financial Principles. In this episode, Bob and Shawn cover the first 6 principles out of 12 that we, as Christians, should all strive to live by. These Christian financial principles are full of wisdom since they come directly from scripture. The first 6 Christian financial principles that we are covering today include: God Owns It All; Work Is Good; Honesty, Truthfulness, and Integrity; Pay Your Taxes; Be Careful With Debt; and Give Generously.

107 – Christian Financial Principles Part 1

Tune in to part 1 of our 2 part series on 12 Christian Financial Principles. In this episode, Bob and Shawn cover the first 6 principles out of 12 that we, as Christians, should all strive to live by. These Christian financial principles are full of wisdom since they come directly from scripture. The first 6 Christian financial principles that we are covering today include: God Owns It All; Work Is Good; Honesty, Truthfulness, and Integrity; Pay Your Taxes; Be Careful With Debt; and Give Generously

106 – Should You Wait To Build Or Buy A Home Today? It’s Just Math

In this podcast, Bob and Shawn discuss the math behind why you should wait to build or buy a home right now. When COVID-19 hit, the Federal Reserve and government put over 8 trillion dollars into the economy to stimulate it. This created massive inflation, especially in real estate. Now, with the federal reserve saying they are going to raise interest rates back to normal, taper bond-buying by the billions of mortgage-backed securities, and reduce their balance sheet, homes prices will have to decline dramatically to compensate.

105 – New Year’s Resolutions, Goals, and Targets

The new year is a time for new beginnings. Most of us take the opportunity of a new beginning to make life changes and goals (about 60% of us), but many never succeed in forming these new habits. Bob and Shawn discuss writing down goals and other methodologies (like the SMAC method – Specific, Measurable, Achievable, and Compatible) to help you be more successful in obtaining your personal goals for the year. Tune in to listen to how you can make 2022 the year for you!