133 – Creative Giving Strategies

Is creative giving something that has crossed your mind when it comes to your investments and legacy? If giving back is part of how you want to be remembered, then this episode is for you! Christian Financial Advisors is here to help you find unique ways to give back and help create a positive impact in our world.

This is such a great episode that coincides with the giving season we are in right now at the end of the year! Bob and Shawn discuss unique and creative ways that you can give using devices like donor-advised funds or even creating your own family-giving fund. Really, no matter which way you decide to give back with all that God has blessed you with, paying it forward is a way to love your neighbor as yourself.

132 – 2022 Year End Tax Strategies

It’s that time of year again! The time where we all start looking at our finances to try and figure out what types of tax savings we can procure through various strategies before December 31st hits. Christian Financial Perspectives is here to help you out with that! Of course, we always recommend running these strategies by your CPA or tax professional first.

Bob and Shawn mention multiple tax saving strategies and deductions with data included for married couples, single filers, head of households, and those over a certain age. There’s a lot of information in this episode, so we recommend grabbing a pen and paper to take notes.

131 – How Christians Should Handle Their Money From a Biblical Worldview

In this episode, we present several verses on Biblical stewardship, management, and ownership to help better understand how Christians should approach money and wealth with a Biblical worldview. If you are a Christian, does the way you handle wealth line up with your Biblical worldview? Did you know that you could be unintentionally supporting anti-biblical values with your investments and not even know it? Not only that but the way that we view and manage money is so important.

We are actually the managers of all that God has blessed us with here on earth, and we are to manage His property and wealth wisely. This is also known as stewardship, or being responsible for managing something that belongs to someone else. As Christians, it is important to be good stewards of all that God has blessed us with in His name.

130 – 21 Questions To Ask A Financial Advisor

Finding a financial advisor should be treated like a job interview, especially when searching for a Christian financial advisor. You probably don’t want just any investment advisor handling your money, which is essentially your future. In order to try and find the best financial advisor for you and your situation, Bob and Shawn have put together 21 questions that they believe you should ask a financial advisor. This includes questions like:

– What is your educational background?
– What kind of safeguards do you have in place to protect my financial information?
– What if something happened to you, or you were out on vacation or sick leave, who would serve me?

All of these and more are addressed in this episode so that you can be as confident as possible in your future when it comes to choosing a financial advisor.