153 – Life Events Requiring Financial Advice And Planning Part 1

Bob and Shawn discuss the first 6 of 12 major life events that require advanced financial advice and planning. Saving for the future is not just about retirement planning. There are an assortment of life changes and events for which you need to be financially prepared. Of course, it’s extremely important to start saving for retirement as early as possible, but what about when something unexpected occurs? You can’t predict the future in the case of a sudden illness or even death. However, you can prepare for these occurrences appropriately. Learn about the preparatory steps you can take for these 12 major life events.

152 – The Math Behind Roth IRAs

Bob and Shawn delve deep into the math behind putting money into a Roth IRA. This is a super informative episode for anyone wondering if they should be putting their retirement funds into a Roth IRA, go with a Traditional IRA, or even use a combination of both (or other saving means). As we at Christian Financial Advisors mention a lot, it’s just math! This includes the age at which you begin saving money, the age at which you pull money out, and your income at the time.

We highly recommend getting a pen and paper while listening to this episode to make it a little easier to comprehend. There are a lot of numbers and math that are mentioned, and following along while writing down what Bob and Shawn are saying will make this episode simpler to break down and understand.

151 – 7 Biblical Financial Guidelines

Bob and Shawn delve deep into some of their favorite Biblical principles when it comes to Christian stewardship and finances, all backed up by Biblical stewardship scriptures. These tips definitely go way beyond just the financial, and they also go into the emotional aspect of trying to live a financially successful life within Biblical guidelines. This includes suggestions like giving to causes greater than yourself – like a local food bank, animal shelter, or homeless shelter.

When we begin to see our money and finances as a tool from God to help others in His name, then the cycle of worry and selfishness can begin to diminish. We hope you enjoy this episode on Biblical financial guidelines as much as we enjoyed making it!

150 – What’s Your Financial Freedom Number

How much money do you need to retire? It depends on a number of factors including what age you expect to retire and the annual income you want to have available. Even if the number is lower, you’ll probably be surprised at the amount of money that you will need to retire the way you want. This is where your financial freedom number comes into play.

Bob and Shawn show you how to estimate what your financial freedom number might be in order to retire as successfully as possible. Granted, this number can change and there are quite a few factors that go into it. However, having a number to start with allows you to start your journey towards retirement and financial freedom.