202 – 10 Non Cash Giving Ideas to Lower Taxes

Tired of your precious metals and valuables just sitting around collecting dust? Want to make a difference while also lowering your taxes? In this episode, Bob and Shawn explore 10 creative non-cash giving ideas that can help you bless others, leave a legacy, and reap the rewards of generosity.

They cover ideas such as giving precious metals, real estate, stocks and bonds, as well as miscellaneous valuables and collectibles. If none of these non-cash giving ideas work for you, then you can always volunteer your time to bless others. Giving your time is something beyond donating cash or resources in order to help nonprofit organizations succeed.

201 – Breaking the Chains of Materialism

Are you feeling trapped by the chains of materialism? Always longing for more, but never finding true contentment? In this episode, we’ll explore how to break free from the grip of greed and discover the joy of a Christ-centered life filled with purpose and generosity.

Bob and Shawn provide Biblical perspectives on materialism and its negative effects on relationships, physical health, and overall well-being. We encourage listeners to seek God’s help, find contentment in what you have, and prioritize meaningful relationships over material possessions.