Episode 14 National Christian Foundation with Ryan Assunto

14 – National Christian Foundation with Guest Ryan Assunto

In this episode of Christian Financial Perspectives, Bob and Mary Jo discuss the joy of giving. Also joining Bob and Mary Jo is Ryan Assunto, the President of the National Christian Foundation Austin (NCF).

Podcast Episode 13 - The Emotional Investor

13 – The Emotional Investor

This week, Bob and Mary Jo discuss one of the most fascinating aspects of investing – how emotions and FEAR can control investment decisions. More often than not, investor’s behavior is fueled by emotions. As a result, they tend to buy high and sell low which is the exact opposite of what you want to do.

Episode 12 - The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly Of Annuities

12 – The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly Of Annuities

This episode discusses the good, the bad, and the ugly of annuities. Bob and Mary Jo cover what an annuity is and how they work in order to help you determine if an annuity is the right option for you.

25 Things to Consider When Investing

11 – 25 Things to Consider When Investing

We cover what we consider the top 25 items to examine when it comes to investing in stocks and bonds, which is just the tip of the iceberg. Investing is about so much more than the stock market, and there are many things to consider when investing.

Episode 10 - Thanksgiving and Timely Reminders

10 – Thanksgiving and Timely Reminders

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday looming around the corner, Bob and Mary Jo share tips for sticking to a budget when it comes to gift giving and money spending. They also touch on other year end topics including charitable gift giving, reviewing your tax situations, and maximizing your retirement plan contributions.

Episode 9 Creating an Income Stream in Retirement

9 – Creating an Income Stream for Retirement

Have you created an income stream for retirement? This is something many of us worry about on a daily basis. In this episode, Bob and Mary Jo discuss different topics surrounding retirement income such as replacement income and how to avoid dipping into the principal of your investments early on, as well as the guidelines surrounding your Required Minimum Distribution (RMD).

Episode 8 Residential Rental Real Estate

8 – The Real Yield of Residential Rental Real Estate

Join Bob and Mary Jo as they talk about residential rental real estate, its pros, and its cons. From maintenance of a rental property to seasonal and vacation rentals, they go in depth to the many facets surrounding this secondary source of income.

What is Christian Wealth Management

7 – What is Christian Wealth Management?

Join us as we discuss 15 wealth management issues that are critical to the financial well being of most successful families. Not all of them will apply to every situation since every financial situation is unique and based on financial, social, and/or emotional needs.

18 Income Tax Strategies for 2018

6 – 18 Income Tax Strategies

In this episode of Christian Financial Perspectives, Bob and Mary Jo discuss “18 Income Tax Strategies for 2018” that may help lower your income taxes. They also supply a variety of Bible verses supporting paying your taxes, as well as verses on finance in general.

The 10 Uses of Money

5 – The 10 Uses of Money

We discuss the 10 uses for money:
– 4 DAILY uses

There is a lot to explore and consider. We are sharing guidelines and these guidelines can be interpreted in various ways that’s why we thought today’s message is so important.

Estate Planning The Wrong Way The Right Way

4 – Estate Planning The Wrong Way The Right Way

Estate planning is a very important part of wealth management. In this episode, we are covering different techniques and tips that we recommend when it comes to creating an estate plan involving your family.

Virtues to Look for when Choosing a Financial Advisor

3 – Virtues to Look for When Choosing a Financial Advisor

How do you choose a financial advisor? It’s not just about experience (although experience is important), but looking for a financial advisor encompasses a variety of areas including client relationships, truthfulness, openness, and if they are approaching your financial portfolio from a holistic perspective.

what is impact investing

2 – What is Impact Investing?

Biblically responsible investing (BRI) is a subset of impact investing (also known by faith based investing). How does it fit under this umbrella? BRI seeks to align itself with companies supporting conservative agendas. BRI avoids buying publicly traded companies directly, or indirectly through a mutual fund or separate account manager, that are known to violate Biblical principles.

What God's Word Says About Money

1 – What God’s Word Says About Money

What exactly are the scriptural guidelines when it comes to money and finances? As Christians and followers of Christ, we can probably all agree that the Bible is made up of God’s word, and God is the source of Biblical wisdom. Biblical wisdom is timeless, transcendent, accurate, universal, and practical.

Christian Financial Perspectives Podcast Introduction Episode

0 – Intro

The Bible has the best foundation for all of our money management principles and all of the basics for financial planning and how to create a financial wellness plan for you and your family. All we have to do is look for it, and it’s there! Scripture speaks on how to invest, how to handle money on a daily basis, paying taxes, and so much more. There really are very few people talking about this right now, and we are excited to be bringing this information to people all over the world through our Christian financial podcast.