203 – 10 Biblical Investment Principles

Are you tired of feeling lost in the world of investing? Unsure of how to navigate the ups and downs of the market? In this episode, Bob and Shawn explore 10 powerful Biblical principles that will guide you towards wise, faith-based investing decisions and help you stay focused on your long-term goals.

Some of these areas include making investment decisions based on facts and math, rather than emotions or hearsay. Investing is a marathon, not a sprint, and should be viewed through a long term lens in order to create a well thought out financial plan.

202 – 10 Non Cash Giving Ideas to Lower Taxes

Tired of your precious metals and valuables just sitting around collecting dust? Want to make a difference while also lowering your taxes? In this episode, Bob and Shawn explore 10 creative non-cash giving ideas that can help you bless others, leave a legacy, and reap the rewards of generosity.

They cover ideas such as giving precious metals, real estate, stocks and bonds, as well as miscellaneous valuables and collectibles. If none of these non-cash giving ideas work for you, then you can always volunteer your time to bless others. Giving your time is something beyond donating cash or resources in order to help nonprofit organizations succeed.

201 – Breaking the Chains of Materialism

Are you feeling trapped by the chains of materialism? Always longing for more, but never finding true contentment? In this episode, we’ll explore how to break free from the grip of greed and discover the joy of a Christ-centered life filled with purpose and generosity.

Bob and Shawn provide Biblical perspectives on materialism and its negative effects on relationships, physical health, and overall well-being. We encourage listeners to seek God’s help, find contentment in what you have, and prioritize meaningful relationships over material possessions.

200 – The Best Of Our 199 Episodes

Do you know the difference between popular financial advice and essential Bible-based financial wisdom? On this 200th episode celebration, Bob and Shawn reveal the top seven most crucial financial topics from our first 199 episodes.

Christian Financial Perspectives began with the goal of providing timeless Biblical wisdom and education to our audience. Over the years, some of our most educational topics have included sudden wealth syndrome and investing in gold. We hope to continue providing financial advice from a Christian perspective for many more episodes to come!

199 – Biblical Viewpoints Of Money and Wealth Part 3

Are you ready to dive deeper into God’s design for generosity, giving, and leaving a lasting legacy? In this final part of our series, Bob and Shawn explore Biblical perspectives on using wealth to bless others and how to properly pass on an inheritance that impacts generations to come.

“Biblical Viewpoints of Money and Wealth” emphasizes the importance of stewardship and giving from a Biblical worldview. In this episode, weeks 6 and 7 are summarized, which includes the ripple effect of giving and the proper way to leave an inheritance and legacy for future generations.

198 – Biblical Viewpoints Of Money and Wealth Part 2

Do you struggle with aligning your view of money and wealth with the Bible or are you looking for a deeper Biblical perspective? For several episodes, Bob and Shawn are diving into a study examining God’s design for wealth and work. In part 2 of 3, they delve into the differences between secular and Biblical counsel, and the Biblical perspective on money and wealth.

We recommend you to go back and listen to part 1 before digging deeper into this episode of “Biblical Viewpoints of Money and Wealth”. The book can be found on Amazon, and we encourage listeners to engage in the study and to share the episode with others who may find it beneficial.

197 – Biblical Viewpoints Of Money and Wealth Part 1

Do you struggle with aligning your view of money and wealth with the Bible or are you looking for a deeper biblical perspective? Over the next few weeks, we’ll dive into a study examining God’s design for wealth and work called “Biblical Viewpoints of Money and Wealth”. The study is a seven-week deep dive into what the Bible says about money and how it applies to real life. It covers topics such as the difference between a Biblical and secular worldview and the responsibilities of an owner versus a manager.

The study is available for purchase on Amazon, but please don’t hesitate to reach out if you are interested in teaching or promoting the study in their churches or small groups.

196 – Avoid These Foolish Financial Mistakes Part 2

Want to avoid money regrets and costly financial errors? Eager to learn common pitfalls that trip up even seasoned investors? Well, in this episode of our 2 part series on “Foolish Financial Mistakes”, Bob and Shawn cover 10 more financial mistakes to steer clear of that can cost you dearly.

Instead of blaming others for financial mistakes, they emphasize using wisdom and taking responsibility for one’s financial decisions. It’s important to seek out professional financial advice from a fiduciary based advisor who has your best interests in mind. As always, please share this content with anyone who you think may benefit from it!

195 – Avoid These Foolish Financial Mistakes Part 1

Want to avoid money regrets and costly financial errors? Eager to learn common pitfalls that trip up even seasoned investors? In this part 1 of 2, Bob and Shawn discuss and provide perspective on foolish financial mistakes to steer clear of that can cost you dearly.

They emphasize the importance of wisdom and provide Biblical scriptures to support their points. Just a few of the financial mistakes discussed include taking stock tips without doing proper research and buying large items on impulse without considering long-term financial plans. So, tune in to learn how to better avoid these top financial mistakes!

194 – Using 1 Timothy 3 To Find A Financial Advisor

Are you searching for a financial advisor who exemplifies Christian character and integrity? Do you want their guidance grounded in Biblical truth versus worldly thinking? Bob and Shawn share the qualities to look for in a financial advisor based on scripture, specifically 1 Timothy chapter 3.

1 Timothy 3 outlines the qualities of an elder or deacon in the church, and we believe that these qualities are also important in a financial advisor. The qualities include being temperate and a good teacher, i.e. someone can explain financial concepts in a way that is understandable. Listen in to find out what other traits we believe a Christian financial advisor should possess!

192 – Are Rental Homes The Worst Way To Invest In Real Estate?

Considering becoming a landlord through rental property? Do the returns justify the hassles involved? After insurance, mortgage payments, repairs, and/or marketing costs, a rental home isn’t the cash cow you might think it is. Bob and Shawn discuss the pros and cons of rentals while providing some alternative options to consider.

Instead, Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) may be a better option for the average investor. They explain that REITs allow investors to access a diversified portfolio of properties across various sectors, such as industrial, retail, lodging, healthcare, and more.

191 – Investing Your Values: Inside Our Non-Woke, Biblically Aligned Stock Portfolio

Tired of “woke” companies that don’t align with your values? Eager to invest in a diversified stock portfolio that targets growth while honoring Biblical principles? You’re in the right place!

In this can’t-miss episode, Bob and Shawn pull back the curtain on our innovative Biblically responsible, non-woke, deep value stock portfolio. Get ready for an in-depth look at our rigorous stock selection process, which carefully evaluates both financial fundamentals and spiritual alignment.

Click here to learn more about our Biblical Responsible Stock Portfolio

190 – Selling Financial Fear

Are you overwhelmed by companies capitalizing on fear to sell overpriced solutions? Don’t fall for it. Bob and Shawn highlight the various means through which companies use fear-based tactics, such as social media platforms, email, television, and text messages. It is important to not fall for these fear tactics.

Instead, unplug from social media, study history to gain perspective, take breaks from screens, engage in constructive and kind activities, and seek God through scripture, prayer, and living by faith. Prioritize your mental and emotional well-being by avoiding this fear-based content and focusing on positive and uplifting activities.

189 – Make This Year’s Goals Stick

Are you among the 92% who don’t achieve New Year’s resolutions? Make 2024 different! Bob and Shawn will show you how to use the SMAC Method – Specific, Measurable, Achievable, and Compatible – to make meaningful and achievable goals.

As Christians, we believe goals should align with God’s plan and also be compatible with one’s values and beliefs. Only a small percentage of people actually achieve their New Year’s resolutions, but that number rises with written goals that are visually placed around the house, car, and even work. This year, it’s time to be intentional and proactive in setting and pursuing goals!

188 – The Ultimate 2023 Financial Recap

What financial topics first come to mind when recalling 2023? Is it the emotional rollercoaster of 2023’s stock market or the endless printing of money? Bob and Shawn want to provide perspective on key events that impacted many financial portfolios. Before looking ahead, they are recapping the past year’s twists and turns.

This includes the markets’ obsession with interest rates, as well as the volatility caused by concerns about the Federal Reserve’s actions. Looking ahead to 2024, it is important to remember the ups and downs of 2023 in order to make more informed financial decisions for the future.

187 – The True Joy Of Christmas

This inspiring Christmas episode is all about reminding listeners of the joy of the season! Bob and Shawn share the original Christmas story of the birth of Jesus as told by Luke, as well as telling an inspiring story about a family who anonymously blessed another family in need.

This Christmas season, we encourage listeners to find ways to help those in need during the Christmas season, whether through financial donations or volunteering time. Use your time and resources to help bless others and in return, you’ll receive immeasurable joy!

186 – Do These 7 Things Before Buying Your Next Vehicle

Are you thinking about buying a car? Bob and Shawn discuss 7 smart steps to take before you make your decision. This episode is here to help you learn how to make the right vehicle choice with confidence.

It’s crucial to approach the car purchase with the right mindset, not emotions. A vehicle’s price is more than the minimum monthly payment, and it is important to be cautious of all of the add ons and price points that many salespeople will use to manipulate you into a premature purchase. These tips, along with several others, may just help you save thousands on your next car purchase!

185 – The High Cost of Cash Value Life Insurance

Are sky high fees making cash value life insurance a poor investment for you? Should you just buy term life insurance and invest the difference yourself? Bob and Shawn discuss the true cost of cash value life insurance, such as whole life and universal life. Life insurance is almost always a must to protect your family and immediate loved ones in the case of your death, especially from your 20’s to 60’s.

This episode highlights the various fees and charges associated with these policies, including upfront premium loads and surrender charges. No matter what you decide after listening to this episode, it is highly recommended to seek advice from a fee-based advisor or CPA.

184 – Year End Charitable Gifting Ideas

Want to give beyond just cash this year? Donate stocks, real estate required IRA distributions, and more by December 31st. Bob and Shawn the importance of alternative non-cash giving, as the majority of charitable giving is done through cash, despite cash being a small portion of people’s assets.

Various options for non-cash giving are discussed in depth, including opening a donor-advised fund, contributing to a charitable gift annuity, donating appreciated stocks, and donating other valuable assets. Tune in now to learn about the many ways to give to your favorite charities in unique ways that continue to offer support for many years down the road.

183 – 7 Takeaways For Christmas Spending

Want to avoid debt this Christmas? Make a budget, limit gifts, and remember the reason for the season – Jesus. Bob and Shawn discuss seven takeaways for Christmas spending. Some takeaways suggest using cash or a debit card instead of a credit card to prevent overspending. Thoughtful and meaningful gifts that will be remembered are usually better than expensive gifts. This Christmas, don’t forget to focus on the true meaning of Christmas and to have fun giving gifts!

182 – 2023 Year End Tax Strategies

It’s time to discuss strategies for 2023 year-end tax planning! Want to lower your 2023 taxes with strategies like charitable giving, retirement plan contributions, and medical expenses? Small moves now could save you thousands in the future.

It’s important to pay our fair share of taxes, but also equally important to not pay more taxes than necessary. By taking advantage of strategies like sales tax deductions, you may be able to lower your tax bracket. As always, it’s important to consult with a CPA or tax professional for personalized advice.

181 – 10 Ways To Help Overcome Inflation

Massive inflation is eating budgets alive, but with some wise choices like shopping thrift stores, fixing items ourselves and avoiding impulse buys, there are ways to overcome it. Bob and Shawn emphasize the importance of making wise choices, such as shopping at thrift stores, fixing items yourself, and avoiding impulse buys.

Both hosts provide personal anecdotes and examples to support their points. Overall, this episode is highly aimed to help listeners save money and assist in navigating the challenges of inflation.

180 – 6 Ways Financial Advisors Are Paid

Ever wondered how financial advisors really get paid? Join Christian Financial Advisors as Bob and Shawn discuss the six types of payment and the potential conflicts of each. They emphasize the importance of transparency and encourage clients to ask their advisors about their payment structure.

Just a couple of the ways financial advisors get paid include hourly fees and salaried advisors. They also highlight the potential conflicts of interest that can arise when advisors are motivated by large upfront commissions.

179 – Why Traders Are NOT Investors

Ready to clear up a big misconception in the financial world – are traders and investors the same thing? Spoiler alert, they’re not. From Warren Buffett’s long-term growth strategies to the quick buck culture of trading, Bob and Shawn demystify these often confused terms.

Traders focus on short-term profits and are often compared to professional gamblers, while investors have a long-term perspective and aim to build wealth over time. The misuse of these terms by financial websites can lead to confusion and misconceptions about investment strategies. The need to differentiate between traders and investors in financial writing is extremely important in order to receive more accurate advice.

178 – What God’s Word Says About Money Part 2

Bob and Shawn finish the second half of their series on “What God’s Word Says About Money”. They discuss the importance of saving and investing, inheritance, seeking wise counsel, and faithfulness according to Biblical teachings.

Listeners are highly encouraged to seek wisdom from trusted advisors and to be faithful stewards of their resources, emphasizing the order and responsibility that comes with building wealth. As always, several scriptures are highlighted that emphasize the significance of these topics and provide real-life applications.

177 – What God’s Word Says About Money Part 1

Bob and Shawn get back to what Christian Financial Perspectives is really about by delving into key scripture on what the Bible says about money, finance, and stewardship. In part 1, they cover four key biblical principles related to finances: honesty, debt, giving, and ownership with scripture references and real-life applications for each principle.

The importance of honesty in business dealings and the benefits of living debt-free is emphasized, as well as the joy and significance that comes from giving and the responsibility of stewarding God’s creation. Don’t forget to check out part 2 that will be covering saving and investing, inheritance, seeking wise counsel, and faithfulness!

176 – 10 Ways to Sabotage Your Investment Portfolio

Avoid these common mistakes when it comes to your investments! Bob and Shawn discuss the 10 ways they often see clients sabotaging their investment portfolios. They emphasize the importance of discipline, wisdom, and seeking counsel in making investment decisions.

Whether it is a client making large frequent withdrawals or even treating their investment portfolio like a savings account, there are many ways to sabotage your investment portfolio without knowingly doing so. They stress the long-term consequences of these behaviors and the need to be good stewards of one’s finances.

175 – Can I Recession-Proof my Finances?

“Recession” is a word constantly looming in many Americans’ minds, and it is a common topic among news outlets. But, what if you could prepare financially for a recession? Bob and Shawn discuss the ongoing predictions of an economic recession in the financial markets. They emphasize the inevitability of economic cycles with periods of boom and bust.

Through insight from various scriptures, they encourage diversifying investments across different sectors of the economy, saving during prosperous times, and avoiding excessive debt. Economic cycles are a natural part of life, so preparing for them should be a natural part of financial planning as well.

174 – Pioneering Faith Based Investing: The Timothy Plan Story

Delve deep into the history of Christian financial stewardship and Biblically Responsible Investing (BRI) as Shawn speaks with Timothy Plan team member, Brian Mumbert. Christian Financial Advisors is proud to be a part of this movement since the beginning of Timothy Plan.

30 years ago, Timothy Plan introduced only a few morally responsible investment fund choices, and they now offer several mutual funds and ETFs, along with multiple other firms now offering Biblically Responsible Investment options. They are a leader in the BRI movement and have truly helped pave the way for values based investing when it comes to Christians investing with their Biblical principles in mind.

The history of BRI, its growth, and how far it has come over the years is truly a blessing!

173 – Is Retirement Biblical

Join financial advisors, Bob Barber and Shawn Peters, as they discuss the Biblical view on retirement. Drawing from Numbers 8:23-26, the only passage in the Bible explicitly mentioning retirement, they note that the Bible’s context of retirement doesn’t perfectly align with typical Western ideas. The Bible actually heavily emphasizes the importance of work, viewing it as a blessing, not a curse.

Retirement for Christians should not mean disengaging from life to pursue leisure but should instead be a phase to serve others. It can be a time to focus on ‘marketplace ministry,’ using your skills and extra time to volunteer. While they’re not against leisure activities like golf, they caution that an obsession with such activities in retirement can lead to depression and a lack of fulfillment. Proper planning—both financial and spiritual—is essential for a meaningful, Biblically-aligned retirement.

172 – Does God Really Care What I Invest In

Join Bob and Shawn as they delve into the topic of Biblically responsible investing, questioning if God really cares where Christians invest their money. Drawing on various scriptures, they argue that Christians should invest in a manner that aligns with their faith and values. There’s a difference between merely doing business with companies and actually profiting from them. Thus, ownership implies a greater level of responsibility.

They also address a common question about whether one can both invest responsibly according to Christian values and have a diversified portfolio. The answer is a resounding yes, noting that there are over 2,500 Biblically responsible companies and a variety of corresponding ETFs and mutual funds. Overall, this episode serves as a guide for Christians who seek to align their financial decisions with their faith.

171 – Debunking Financial Doom And Gloom: A Biblical Approach

Professional financial fear mongering is something many have seen or been affected by. Bob and Shawn address the tactics used by individuals and groups to deliberately spread fear or alarm about financial issues. Highlighting examples like claims of the stock market crashing or the need to rely on gold coins for transactions, it is important to question the credibility of such messages.

Listeners are warned to be cautious of such fear-inducing narratives, especially on platforms like social media. Instead, Bob and Shawn stress the importance of discernment, considering the motivations behind these messages, and aligning financial decisions with Christian values and wisdom.

170 – Picking The Right Investment Choice For Your Work Retirement Plan

This episode is great for anyone who has or wants to contribute to a work retirement plan, which is most of us! Using the analogy of a dismantled car, Bob and Shawn suggest that many people feel overwhelmed when it comes to deciding how to invest their retirement funds. They highlight common types of retirement plans like 401k, 403b, and SEP, while unpacking the differences (spoiler alert – there’s really not that many!).

As always, listeners are warned about the risks of making uninformed decisions and emphasize the importance of understanding the associated risks and rewards, which is why it’s so important to have a fiduciary based financial advisor. So, listen in and discover more about investing towards your retirement funds!

169 – Financially Handling The Loss Of A Spouse

Bob and Shawn discuss the often-difficult topic of managing finances after the loss of a spouse, either through death or divorce. With compassion, they explain the necessity of understanding your financial picture, such as incoming and outgoing monthly expenses and overall assets and liabilities. As always, they highlight the importance of working with a fiduciary financial advisor who can provide impartial advice, free from conflicts of interest.

The importance of keeping personal finances confidential to avoid potential exploitation by distant relatives or friends is also mentioned. Throughout the episode, they share relevant biblical scriptures to provide comfort and guidance.

168 – Unlock The Optimal Time For Claiming Social Security

Bob and Shawn delve into the complexities of deciding when to take Social Security. They discuss factors to consider when taking Social Security such as your current age, anticipated lifespan based on family history, potential income sources, and whether you’re still working. Bob emphasizes the importance of calculating the breakeven point for starting Social Security benefits early versus later, factoring in the time value of money.

They also touch on political implications and uncertainties surrounding the future of Social Security. As always, Bob and Shawn reference Biblical scriptures, tying financial decisions to faith-based values.

167 – A Secular VS A Christian Worldview Of Finances

How do you view your finances? Is it through a secular or a Biblical lens? Find out by listening to Bob and Shawn discuss the stark differences between a secular and Christian worldview of finances. They share 14 fundamental contrasts, tackling concepts like ownership, control, contentment, decision-making, needs, generosity, fair wages, honesty, and investment choices.

Drawing from Biblical teachings, this episode challenges the self-centeredness of the worldly view, advocating instead for an outlook that recognizes God as the ultimate provider and owner of all wealth. Bob and Shawn encourage listeners to align their financial practices with their Christian values, hopefully turning wealth management into a spiritually enriching endeavor.

166 – Navigating The Minefields Of Sudden Wealth Part 2

Welcome to part 2 of our series on Sudden Wealth, where Bob and Shawn continue their discussion on “Navigating the Minefields of Sudden Wealth”. They dive into the dangers associated with sudden wealth, and how to manage it wisely with topics like entitlement, arrogance, and becoming a target for manipulation due to newfound wealth.

While sudden wealth is a blessing, there are also many pitfalls that may surround it. Therefore, Bob and Shawn emphasize the importance of Biblical teachings in handling wealth responsibly. The episode also touches on the idea of testing inheritors with a ‘pre-inheritance’ to gauge their financial responsibility.

165 – Navigating The Minefields Of Sudden Wealth Part 1

In part 1 of our 2 part series on Sudden Wealth, Bob and Shawn discuss the complex issues around sudden wealth, common sources, and frequent pitfalls. Exploring this from a Biblical perspective, they emphasize stewardship and wise decision-making. Some common sudden wealth sources, including inheritances, property value increase, oil and gas discovery, and divorce settlements are discussed.

They outline common mistakes such as failure to pre-plan for taxes, misunderstanding how quickly money can be spent, and impulsively buying depreciable assets. They strongly advocate for careful planning, caution, and seeking advice to successfully navigate this tricky financial terrain.

164 – 10 Bible Verses To Guide Your Investment Decisions

In this episode of Christian Financial Perspectives, hosts Bob Barber and Shawn Peters discuss the integration of Christian values into financial strategies by exploring ten Bible verses that have to do with finances and stewardship. They highlight the importance of Biblically responsible investing and avoiding companies involved in unethical practices.

The episode emphasizes slow and methodical wealth-building, the significance of diversification, and the perils of borrowing to invest. It also encourages seeking wise counsel in financial matters and making prayerful choices, because for a Christian, financial decisions should also be spiritual decisions.

163 – Declaring Your Own Financial Independence Day

On July 4, 1776, our American forefathers signed the Declaration of Independence to officially declare the United States’ intentions of being independent from Great Britain. In this episode, hosts Bob Barber and Shawn Peters discuss the concept of ‘Financial Independence’ and explore this theme in light of Independence Day, drawing a connection between the holiday’s historical roots and one’s financial liberation.

The conversation is framed within the context of biblical teachings, particularly Philippians 4:11-13. They present two sides of financial independence: the spiritual aspect, emphasizing contentment and independence from materialism and social influence, and the physical aspect, which includes saving, becoming debt-free, and downsizing.

162 – Using Emotions As An Investment Strategy

When we hear descriptions from news outlets about the stock market, newscasters love using big words that play on our emotions. Words such as skyrocketing and plummeting are often in their vocabulary. However, instead of playing on the emotions that words like this evoke, what if we used that information to help understand the stock market better?

Bob and Shawn discuss our much talked about “Cycle Of Market Emotions” chart. By understanding the rollercoaster cycle of emotions when it comes to the stock market, only then can we better anticipate and control our decisions because they are based on information gathered instead of emotions felt.

161 – What’s Your Financial Personality

What type of financial personality are you? You can find out in this episode where Bob and Shawn cover the different types of financial personalities out there. They have divided them into four financial categories that seem to cover most types of people. You might be a…

1. Saver
2. Spender
3. Giver
4. Investor

For most people, one category is usually more dominant. Once you figure out which category you dominate, then you can better understand how to spread your finances out a little more over all of these financial areas and not just one.

160 – Avoid These Financial Mistakes

Buckle up for this great episode on avoiding some of the top financial mistakes that are commonly seen by Bob and Shawn. They have pulled from their past experiences and from the experiences of clients to create a list that can help you avoid these costly financial mistakes in the future.

These financial mistakes include the error of taking financial and investment advice from anyone other than a financially successful individual or a financial advisor (which both Bob and Shawn have friends and clients to which this has happened), as well as more common ones like avoiding procrastination. Before these happen to you, listen in so you can try and avoid these top financial mistakes!

159 – Teaching Kids Good Money Habits

Teaching kids good money habits doesn’t have to begin when they are teenagers, it can start as young as 4 or 5! It all begins with educating your children on 3 simple areas when it comes to finances:

1) Give
2) Save
3) Spend

By breaking down finances into these 3 areas, it allows even the youngest of children to have a better idea of how to manage their money properly at a young age. Throughout this podcast episode, Bob and Shawn delve into the ways of incorporating good money habits into your kids’ lives. Not only are these basic concepts a great introduction for children to establish financial responsibility, but it can also be an excellent beginning point for those who have never incorporated good money habits into their lives before.

158 – Benefits Of Using A High-Tech Financial Advisory Firm

Just in the past 5 years, technology has changed immensely to allow Christian Financial Advisors to better serve clients all over the United States, not just locally. The Covid-19 pandemic really pushed the ability to serve individuals without having to meet face to face. Through Zoom and other video chatting platforms, Docusign and online document signing programs, and sharing important information all online through secure vaults, Christian Financial Advisors can serve clients no matter where they reside.

It’s so important in today’s day and age to have the ability to access paperwork, documents, and your financial advisor quickly and efficiently. All you need is internet access. Tune in to see how we are better able to serve our clients through the use of modern technology platforms AND why it’s so important to use a high tech financial advisory firm.

157 – Summer Vacation Financial Tips and Tricks

Bob and Shawn break out some of their favorite financial advice when it comes to traveling. Summer is right around the corner, which means a vacation is in the works for most of us. Vacations can end up stressful and take a huge toll on a wallet. However, if you plan ahead correctly, then it doesn’t have to be as heavy on your finances as you might have expected. From booking a place with a kitchen to staying local, Christian Financial Advisors provides some great and easy ways to help you save money on your next summer vacation – or just any vacation!

156 – Life’s 6 Financial Stages Part 2

In part two of two, Bob and Shawn discuss the last 3 of 6 financial life stages based on finances, lifestyle, and age. We have advice and recommendations for each stage of life, especially when it comes to financial planning during this time. Not everyone will fit exactly into these 6 financial life stages, but you will find common factors in most of them! From starting a new family to coming into retirement, there are key takeaways here for everyone.

All of our advice comes from decades of experience with clients at Christian Financial Advisors. For these last 3 life stages, this includes everything from having a trusted power of attorney to investing more conservatively in your older age. Listen in to discover which financial life stage you are currently in and how you can get a better handle on your finances!

155 – Life’s 6 Financial Stages Part 1

In part one of two, Bob and Shawn discuss the first 3 of 6 financial life stages based on age, finances, and lifestyle. Even though not everyone will fit into these 6 financial life stages, most of us will! Whether you are in the beginning stages of just graduating college or towards the middle with kids that are graduating college themselves, there is definitely something for everyone in this episode.

Within every life stage are key financial takeaways and recommendations that Christian Financial Advisors has been able to extract from each. Some of these include avoiding debt, saving for a new home, and even getting your life insurance in place. Listen in to discover which financial life stage you are currently in and how you can get a better handle on your finances!

154 – Life Events Requiring Financial Advice And Planning Part 2

Bob and Shawn discuss the second 6 of 12 major life events that require advanced financial advice and planning. Many of us have already gone through a huge life change, like the ones mentioned in this episode, and even more of us will be affected in the future by a giant financial life change. Therefore, being fiscally prepared by working with a financial advisor is a giant step towards being successful when one of the unexpected (or even planned) events occurs. You can’t predict the future in the case of a sudden illness or even death. However, you can prepare for these occurrences appropriately. Learn about the preparatory steps you can take for these 12 major life events by working with a financial planner and financial advisor.

153 – Life Events Requiring Financial Advice And Planning Part 1

Bob and Shawn discuss the first 6 of 12 major life events that require advanced financial advice and planning. Saving for the future is not just about retirement planning. There are an assortment of life changes and events for which you need to be financially prepared. Of course, it’s extremely important to start saving for retirement as early as possible, but what about when something unexpected occurs? You can’t predict the future in the case of a sudden illness or even death. However, you can prepare for these occurrences appropriately. Learn about the preparatory steps you can take for these 12 major life events.

152 – The Math Behind Roth IRAs

Bob and Shawn delve deep into the math behind putting money into a Roth IRA. This is a super informative episode for anyone wondering if they should be putting their retirement funds into a Roth IRA, go with a Traditional IRA, or even use a combination of both (or other saving means). As we at Christian Financial Advisors mention a lot, it’s just math! This includes the age at which you begin saving money, the age at which you pull money out, and your income at the time.

We highly recommend getting a pen and paper while listening to this episode to make it a little easier to comprehend. There are a lot of numbers and math that are mentioned, and following along while writing down what Bob and Shawn are saying will make this episode simpler to break down and understand.

151 – 7 Biblical Financial Guidelines

Bob and Shawn delve deep into some of their favorite Biblical principles when it comes to Christian stewardship and finances, all backed up by Biblical stewardship scriptures. These tips definitely go way beyond just the financial, and they also go into the emotional aspect of trying to live a financially successful life within Biblical guidelines. This includes suggestions like giving to causes greater than yourself – like a local food bank, animal shelter, or homeless shelter.

When we begin to see our money and finances as a tool from God to help others in His name, then the cycle of worry and selfishness can begin to diminish. We hope you enjoy this episode on Biblical financial guidelines as much as we enjoyed making it!

149 – 10 Traits of Christian Millionaires

Bob and Shawn discuss the 10 common traits that they often see in their Christian millionaire clients. These traits aren’t what you think! Surprisingly, only about 2-3 directly involve finance and investments. Most of the traits that we see here at Christian Financial Advisors involve deeper characteristics and traits, like consistency in their career and/or exemplify Godly values like integrity and honesty. Above all when it comes to financially successful Christians, Bob and Shawn have noticed that most believe that God owns it all. It is his money to begin with, and we are just His earthly stewards of these blessings.

148 – Integrative Financial Planning – How It’s Different Today

Integrative financial planning is a huge part of Christian Financial Advisors through primarily a tool called eMoney. We try to make your investment and financial planning as easy as possible through online tools that are easily accessible 24/7. So, what exactly makes eMoney so great? Bob and Shawn go step by step through an eMoney profile to break down exactly how the program is used and how Christian Financial Advisors uses this platform to create and show clients a financial plan.

Whether you are planning on saving college money for kids and grandkids, or you just need a place to start with creating retirement funds, integrative financial planning is a great place to start. We are here to help clear up any confusion or questions surrounding this process!

147 – Tools Needed In Your Financial Toolbox

Click below to listen to Episode 147 – Tools Needed In Your Financial Toolbox Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Google Podcasts | Spotify | Amazon Music | Stitcher | RSS | More Tools Needed In Your Financial Toolbox Learn about the essential tools you should have readily available in your financial toolbox. More episodes >> Bob…

146 – The Different Types Of Financial Advisors

Bob and Shawn discuss the many types of financial advisors that exist in our world today. Not all financial advisors are the same, just like not all doctors are the same. And just like with doctors, financial advisors can be all encompassing (like a general practitioner), or they can focus on one area like a podiatrist would (for example, financial planning). It is important to know the type of financial advisor you are working with, understanding their limitations, knowing their specialties, and finding one that hits all the checkboxes for your financial and investment needs.

Along with being all encompassing or having a more generalized focus, there are also different ways that financial advisors are paid. This is an important feature to consider when choosing an individual or firm that has your financial future in their hands. Bob and Shawn discuss all of the above by breaking it down into a way that is easy to understand.

145 – Biblically Responsible Investing Part 3

Part 3 of our three part series on Biblically Responsible Investing delves into the importance of investing with your values, especially as a Christian. Bob and Shawn present several Bible verses that go hand in hand with Faith Based Investing. If you wouldn’t outright support certain anti-Biblical agendas with your money, then why would you want to support them secondhand through your investments in certain companies?

After all, if you truly believe that “God owns it all”, then investing your money with your Christian values in mind is something that you probably want at the forefront. Using BRI as a way of investing helps make a difference in the marketplace, and it can give Christian investors a peace of mind in that they are supporting the good in the world while avoiding the negative.

144 – Biblically Responsible Investing Part 2

We are on to Part 2 of our three part series on Biblically Responsible Investing (BRI) where we discuss screening technologies. BRI is a subset of Values Based Investing that caters to Christian and Biblical beliefs in an investment portfolio. It allows Christians, or whoever is interested, to invest in companies that do not go against Biblical values. It is also known as Faith Based Investing.

So, how is such a unique way of investing completed? Bob and Shawn go over just how a BRI investment portfolio is created through using modern screening technologies. However, this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to creating a well diversified BRI (or Faith Based Investment) portfolio.

143 – Biblically Responsible Investing Part 1

In Part 1 of 3 about Biblically Responsible Investing, Bob and Shawn delve into what exactly Biblically Responsible Investing – BRI – encompasses, how it works, and some of the companies that Christian Financial Advisors works with. What exactly is BRI? Well, Biblically Responsible Investing (BRI) falls under the realm of types of Values Based Investing. BRI is the short term phrase for it, and it is something that is the core of Christian Financial Advisors and our investing methodology.

BRI is a great choice of investing for Christian investors, or even regular investors, who want their financial portfolio, mutual funds, and ETFs involved with companies that are supporting the good and filtering out the bad. Learn about how it got started and what makes it different from other values based investing choices.

142 – Budgeting Without Numbers

Budgeting is a topic that commonly arises, and it is hard for most people to commit to it as budgeting can feel like bondage, not freedom. However, it is the lack of debt and ability to stick to a budget that brings so many of us financial freedom. Nobody likes debt or wants to be in debt. Even if you have the financial ability to buy anything you want, it isn’t always beneficial to you.

There are many ways that you can save on money (and/or decrease your purchases) that don’t have to directly deal with numbers. It just means having the right mindset. Some of the areas that Bob and Shawn cover include waiting before large purchases and methods to keep your emotions at bay when considering purchases.

141 – Should I Still Wait To Build Or Buy A Home

We’re back to the topic of “building or buying a house” that we covered last year around this time, but we are coming at it from today’s ever-changing housing market. Buying or building a home is something that probably 100% of those listening have done, thought of, or plan to do. However, in today’s economy and right at this moment, is this something that should even be considered?

Should you STILL wait to build or buy a home? Bob and Shawn delve into the math of this topic with statistics on financing percentages, past trends, and exceptions to the rule. So, if you were thinking about building or buying a house in the near future, this episode is definitely for you!

140 – Diversification 101: Part 3 – Building Models

You’ve made it to the end of our three part series on Diversification! We’ve already talked about charts and sectors, and in this episode Bob and Shawn discuss putting everything together to build a properly diversified investment model. There’s a lot that goes into being properly diversified, and it is not something that just happens over a day or two of learning. It takes time, education, and lots and LOTS of research.

If a properly diversified investment portfolio is truly something that you are wanting to achieve as a do-it-yourself investor, then these episodes are a great place to start. However, this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to everything that goes into diversification within investments. Are you ready to get started on your own or find a fiduciary based financial advisor to help you along the way? This episode may just help you come to a decision.

139 – Diversification 101: Part 2 – Sectors

In this second part of our three part series on diversification, Bob and Shawn discuss the different sectors and industries in which one can invest. Not only are there several areas of financial industries and sectors, but each of these are divided further, and those are divided smaller as well. A well diversified financial portfolio should include many of these sectors and their subsets.

However, how exactly is this accomplished when there are so many across so many different industries? Find out how and delve into the process of properly diversifying your investment portfolio across the different sectors in this episode on Diversification 101.

136 – What Is The True Meaning Of Christmas

We’ve probably all found ourselves caught up in Christmas sales, the need to find perfect gifts, and all the stress that comes along with this holiday. What used to be a time of celebration, joy, and giving has slowly turned into a holiday of big businesses making sales quotas. No longer is Christmas the joyous occasion that it used to be.

We present statistics on just how money driven Christmas has become, and also present what Christmas time should truly be about. It’s jaw dropping the average amount an American household spends on Christmas! Instead of focusing on all of the gifts and decorations, sometimes it is good to take a step back and refocus on what Christmas is truly about.

135 – The #1 Reason Behind Financial Success

Financial success is not just making a lot of money, but more importantly, it is WHAT you do with the money you make. Are you investing it correctly and diversely? Is your family prepared financially if something were to happen to you? Do you have money set aside for the future in case of a financial disaster like a loss of a job or disability? All of these and more are key to being financially successful and prepared.

So, what two words can easily sum up financial success? Bob and Shawn discuss what most financially successful individuals do in order to invest wisely, save consistently, NOT procrastinate, and have a financial plan in place. Listen in to discover the key reason behind financial success!

134 – The #1 Reason For Financial Failure

There can be many reasons for financial failure, but one sticks out above all the rest. Bob and Shawn go into detail about the #1 reason for financial failure and the detrimental effect that it may have on your financial future. What exactly do we at Christian Financial Advisors consider financial failure? It can include a variety of items, but some financial failures that Shawn and Bob talk about are:

– Not having a will in place

– Not having life insurance (or enough life insurance)

– The inability to retire because of lack of savings

Listen in to see how you can help prevent financial failure in your life!

133 – Creative Giving Strategies

Is creative giving something that has crossed your mind when it comes to your investments and legacy? If giving back is part of how you want to be remembered, then this episode is for you! Christian Financial Advisors is here to help you find unique ways to give back and help create a positive impact in our world.

This is such a great episode that coincides with the giving season we are in right now at the end of the year! Bob and Shawn discuss unique and creative ways that you can give using devices like donor-advised funds or even creating your own family-giving fund. Really, no matter which way you decide to give back with all that God has blessed you with, paying it forward is a way to love your neighbor as yourself.

132 – 2022 Year End Tax Strategies

It’s that time of year again! The time where we all start looking at our finances to try and figure out what types of tax savings we can procure through various strategies before December 31st hits. Christian Financial Perspectives is here to help you out with that! Of course, we always recommend running these strategies by your CPA or tax professional first.

Bob and Shawn mention multiple tax saving strategies and deductions with data included for married couples, single filers, head of households, and those over a certain age. There’s a lot of information in this episode, so we recommend grabbing a pen and paper to take notes.

131 – How Christians Should Handle Their Money From a Biblical Worldview

In this episode, we present several verses on Biblical stewardship, management, and ownership to help better understand how Christians should approach money and wealth with a Biblical worldview. If you are a Christian, does the way you handle wealth line up with your Biblical worldview? Did you know that you could be unintentionally supporting anti-biblical values with your investments and not even know it? Not only that but the way that we view and manage money is so important.

We are actually the managers of all that God has blessed us with here on earth, and we are to manage His property and wealth wisely. This is also known as stewardship, or being responsible for managing something that belongs to someone else. As Christians, it is important to be good stewards of all that God has blessed us with in His name.

130 – 21 Questions To Ask A Financial Advisor

Finding a financial advisor should be treated like a job interview, especially when searching for a Christian financial advisor. You probably don’t want just any investment advisor handling your money, which is essentially your future. In order to try and find the best financial advisor for you and your situation, Bob and Shawn have put together 21 questions that they believe you should ask a financial advisor. This includes questions like:

– What is your educational background?
– What kind of safeguards do you have in place to protect my financial information?
– What if something happened to you, or you were out on vacation or sick leave, who would serve me?

All of these and more are addressed in this episode so that you can be as confident as possible in your future when it comes to choosing a financial advisor.

128 – 7 Steps Before Big Financial Decisions

It has happened to the best of us. We have a big financial decision, and we jump the gun to make a large purchase before we ask for advice or really think things through, leaving us financially vulnerable afterward. Since making big financial decisions is something that we all face eventually, Bob and Shawn have put together seven recommended steps you should take before making a large purchase.

These steps can be used for anything, such as buying a new car, your first house, or even new appliances. Gaining advice and insight through using these seven steps can help take away the stress and fear of the unknown when it comes to your finances. Knowing you have the monetary means to confidently make a large purchase can offer an indescribable feeling of financial freedom.

127 – Annuities 101: The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly

Bob and Shawn discuss the pros and cons of an annuity, i.e. the good, the bad, and the ugly. What exactly is an annuity? It is an insurance contract issued and distributed by financial institutions with the intention of paying out invested funds in a fixed income stream in the future. We discuss the types of annuities – variable annuities, fixed annuities, and fixed indexed annuities.

Did you know many annuities don’t require you to be a financial advisor to sell them? This is why it is so important to always go through a fiduciary-based investment advisor when dealing with annuities and other investment products. For example, fixed and fixed indexed annuities are the MOST sold annuities but are NOT regulated by the SEC or FINRA, which can lead to abusive selling practices. This, along with several other issues, may lead to severe complications in the future for investors. There are some good qualities as well, which are also touched upon in this episode, but we want you to get the full story.

126 – 10 Flaws Of DIY Investing

Bob and Shawn delve into the investing realm to discuss why investing isn’t something that you should just DIY. This episode is super important for anyone who has ever thought about investing on their own. Investing correctly involves time, tools, and expertise. You really might be surprised at the flaws of DIY investing, and why it is not something that we recommend you do solo!

Christian Financial Advisors has the tools to help you with an investment portfolio, and these tools come at a price of both money and time. Think of how many things in your life you normally wouldn’t attempt to do-it-yourself: fixing household appliances, car maintenance, roofing, etc. You call a professional! These same conditions also apply to investing. Find out why you should stick to a professional, fiduciary based financial advisor when it comes to your investment portfolio.

125 – The Basics of Estate Planning

We discuss the basics of an estate plan, documents that should be included, and the importance of a financial power of attorney. How long has it been since you last updated your estate plan, or do you even have one? There are obvious considerations, like having a new child, and not-so-obvious reasons like your child just became a legal adult.

No matter your rationale, it is crucial to keep your estate plan as up-to-date as possible, usually every 3-4 years. These topics and more are broken down into an easy-to-follow conversation to help you better understand the importance of updating and creating an estate plan.

124 – 10 Keys to Retiring Well

Last episode, we covered “10 Pitfalls To Retiring Well”. In this episode, Bob and Shawn go a little more positive in discussing “10 Keys To Retiring Well”. Whether you are 20 years away from retiring or thinking about making this life transition within the next couple of years, this is advice for everyone of every age and life stage within this episode’s unique discussion.

Retiring can be daunting, and while it may seem like there are one or two keys missing, it’s okay to feel that way! However, Christian Financial Advisors wants to take as much fear out as possible by helping you prepare for this life’s transition. So sit back and listen to discover some key takeaways you can obtain from this episode on “10 Keys To Retiring Well”.

123 – 10 Pitfalls To Retiring Well

In this episode, Bob and Shawn introduce some of the common pitfalls that occur that may keep you from retiring well. Many of us look forward to retirement, but when the time actually comes, we don’t know what to do with all of the extra hours in the day. It can be hard to face retirement, especially when it comes too early, and we have wrapped our entire identity around our career.

Here are 10 pitfalls to watch out for when it comes to retiring, including factors like retiring too early and lack of purpose. So, tune in to learn about the “10 Pitfalls to Retiring Well”.

122 – Gold Fever. Is It Worth It?

What comes to mind when you hear the word “gold”? For most of us, it creates a sense of wealth, stability, and purchase power. Gold was once considered a source of wealth and currency in the pre-global/pre-digital world economy (The Roman Empire and Biblical times) when it was readily accepted as a form of payment. However, times have changed, and the amount that gold is really worth – especially compared to the irreparable damage gold mines cause – just doesn’t seem to be worth it.

While gold might have been a good investment in the past, it is not great for long-term investments. Why? Bob and Shawn cover seven reasons why gold might not be a wise investment.

121 – Voting Right, Investing Left

Do you vote for candidates that align with your Christian values? Would you vote for a candidate that aligns with your values and then gives money to their opponent’s political campaign? The answer is most likely no.

In this episode, Bob and Shawn discuss if it makes any sense to vote with your values and then turn around and invest against your values. Literally millions of Conservative voters may be unknowingly supporting the leftest, liberal agenda by how they invest within their IRA’s, company retirement plans, government retirement plans, and brokerage accounts.

Isn’t it time to align how you vote with how you invest?

120 – What Is A Certified Kingdom Advisor

Bob and Shawn discuss the importance of the Certified Kingdom Advisor® (CKA®) designation, its meaning, and the requirements that go into it. A CKA® is something that you may not have heard of, but is extremely important in the realm of Christian professionals. For Christians choosing an investment portfolio, many find it important to connect with a financial advisor that shares their values and faith. Thus enters Kingdom Advisors.

Kingdom Advisors is a professional association that offers training and support to various Christian financial professionals who aim to integrate faith and finances within their business. They have taken Biblical values, along with core financial training, to create a designation that combines the two called a Certified Kingdom Advisor® (CKA®). If you see a CKA® designation next to a financial advisor, it symbolizes that you should receive sound financial advice within a Biblical context.

119 – 5 Reasons You Need a Christian Financial Advisor

Bob and Shawn present just 5 of the reasons that it is so important to work with a Christian financial advisor. A Christian financial advisor differs from a financial advisor that just happens to be a Christian. They may sound the same, but they indeed are not.

A Christian financial advisory firm believes in Biblically responsible investing and looking at investing in companies that make a world a better place. These morals and ways of investing are integrated throughout the company and how they operate.

A financial advisor that happens to be Christian may not be implementing these biblical guidelines into the way they invest. As a person, they are Christian, but how the company operates may not be. So, listen in as we complete our 3 part series on, “Why You Need…”

118 – 5 Reasons You Need An Investment Advisor

In this episode, Bob and Shawn continue our series on “5 Reasons You Need…” by discussing the reasons that you need an investment advisor. Sometimes, it seems like you can go it alone when you hear about all of the day traders out there and advertisements that make investing look easy. However, there’s a lot that goes into it, which is why you need a registered investment advisor to help you along your financial journey.

Proverbs 15:22 states, “Plans fail for lack of counsel, but with many advisers they succeed.” A good advisor monitors your portfolio and helps you stay on track with your financial goals. We are here to help and try to take the confusion out of investing. So, listen in to see just 5 of the many reasons why you need an investment advisor!

117 – 5 Reasons You Need a Financial Planner

There are many reasons that you might need a financial planner, but Bob and Shawn cover some of their favorite reasons in this episode. Just like you wouldn’t go on a long road trip without your maps turned on, you also don’t want to face life’s financial minefields without a map. A financial planner will help you create this map to help you navigate your financial life a little easier.

A great financial planner can also help you create a budget for saving, spending, and investing, while aiding you in making adjustments over the years as financial situations change. Learn about all these and more as you listen to 5 reasons why you need a financial planner.

116 – Recessions: Actions Vs Words

Check out these questions that Christian Financial Advisors recommends you ask yourself if you start panicking at all of the recession talk that is going around. You might just be surprised with your answers! Bob and Shawn really encourage you to think about what you are DOING right now during this time instead of just what people are SAYING.

Increased costs for both gas and food staples can make it feel like the world is ending, and many doomsayers want everyone to think just that. However, if you look around and really analyze the economy, things aren’t always as bleak as they first seem (or are making you feel). Here is just a little bit of encouragement for you during these times of uncertainty.

115 – Roller Coasters, Emotions, And Rubber Bands

The stock markets can make even the best of us get emotional. It goes up; we may become happy and excited! It goes down; we might become worried and stressed. So, how can we combat this roller coaster of emotions in order to get a better handle on how we feel when it comes to the continual ups and downs of the stock market?

One way is by getting educated on typical market trends and understanding just exactly how bear and bull markets work. In this episode, Bob and Shawn present some tips, and of course Bible verses, on getting a better perspective on the market, its checks and balances, and just taking your emotions out of the investment game, or at least as much as possible, anyways!

114 – Financial Sharks In Turbulent Waters

In this episode, Bob and Shawn discuss the financial sharks that we all have to watch out for during turbulent times and how they like to disguise themselves. For example, if you hear about a great investment opportunity that sounds “too good to be true”, then it is most likely just that – too good to be true. Have you ever seen one of those big postcard invitations in the mail for once-in-a-lifetime opportunities featuring a big juicy steak on the front? Have you ever received an email from a professional doomsayer about how the country is ending but miraculously happens to have the product to protect you from the disaster they just made up?

Most of these are meant to prey on our emotions in order to sell products to benefit the seller and not to benefit you. 1 Peter 5:8 gives this warning: “Be sober-minded; be watchful. Your adversary the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour.” The next time you receive a free offering for a steak at a high-end restaurant, be aware of the financial shark that may be behind this so-called “opportunity”.

113 – Christian Fundamentals For Investing

The Bible says a lot about stewardship and finances. In fact, stewardship is one of the most talked about subjects in the Bible! As a Christian, we believe that God owns everything, even our money. If we truly believe that God owns everything, then shouldn’t we be trying our best to invest and manage our money in a way that honors God?

In this episode, Bob presents various financial fundamentals for Christians that are looking at investing their money wisely and according to Biblical principles. From involving your spouse in investment decisions to staying consistent over many years, here are 10 Christian fundamentals for investing.

Benefits of a Bear Market Podcast Cover

112 – Benefits Of A Bear Market

Instead of looking at all of the cons of a bear market, Bob and Shawn discuss some of the pros of a falling market and how you might be able to take advantage of it. A bear market isn’t for the fainthearted, and it can cause most people to question if they have made all of the right choices with their money up until this point. However, without a bear market, we wouldn’t have bull markets. There must be a down to an up, an opposite driving force, if you will, that maintains balance.

111 – Questions For Down Markets

The only guarantee we have in the stock market is that it will have ups and downs. However, when the market starts going down, even the best of us start to question our decisions. Instead of questioning all of our choices, Bob and Shawn pose 7 questions we should be asking ourselves in order to try and remain confident. So, what questions should you ask yourself when the stock markets are in a downward trend? Find out by listening!

110 – A Christian’s Response To Today’s Investment Uncertainty

Listen in as Bob and Shawn discuss how a Christian should respond to investment uncertainty. There is always some form of uncertainty and risk when it comes to investing, but how we react to that risk makes a big difference. The last thing we want to do is let pure emotions dictate our decisions. More importantly, looking towards scripture is one way to try and gain peace and confidence when it comes to our investments. It all belongs to God anyways, doesn’t it?

109 – Investing During Turbulent Times

In this episode, Bob and Shawn discuss all of the emotions that we go through when the market isn’t exactly doing what we want (i.e usually a bear market). They also cover various scriptures that may help bring us wisdom and peace during these turbulent times and how to best combat these emotions. The stock market and investing always has ups and downs. It’s part of what makes investments both a risk and a benefit. Volatility is part of the natural cycle of a stock market, and while it’s okay to be a little nervous, it’s not okay to act based solely on emotions.

108 – Christian Financial Principles Part 2

Tune in to part 1 of our 2 part series on 12 Christian Financial Principles. In this episode, Bob and Shawn cover the first 6 principles out of 12 that we, as Christians, should all strive to live by. These Christian financial principles are full of wisdom since they come directly from scripture. The first 6 Christian financial principles that we are covering today include: God Owns It All; Work Is Good; Honesty, Truthfulness, and Integrity; Pay Your Taxes; Be Careful With Debt; and Give Generously.

107 – Christian Financial Principles Part 1

Tune in to part 1 of our 2 part series on 12 Christian Financial Principles. In this episode, Bob and Shawn cover the first 6 principles out of 12 that we, as Christians, should all strive to live by. These Christian financial principles are full of wisdom since they come directly from scripture. The first 6 Christian financial principles that we are covering today include: God Owns It All; Work Is Good; Honesty, Truthfulness, and Integrity; Pay Your Taxes; Be Careful With Debt; and Give Generously

106 – Should You Wait To Build Or Buy A Home Today? It’s Just Math

In this podcast, Bob and Shawn discuss the math behind why you should wait to build or buy a home right now. When COVID-19 hit, the Federal Reserve and government put over 8 trillion dollars into the economy to stimulate it. This created massive inflation, especially in real estate. Now, with the federal reserve saying they are going to raise interest rates back to normal, taper bond-buying by the billions of mortgage-backed securities, and reduce their balance sheet, homes prices will have to decline dramatically to compensate.

105 – New Year’s Resolutions, Goals, and Targets

The new year is a time for new beginnings. Most of us take the opportunity of a new beginning to make life changes and goals (about 60% of us), but many never succeed in forming these new habits. Bob and Shawn discuss writing down goals and other methodologies (like the SMAC method – Specific, Measurable, Achievable, and Compatible) to help you be more successful in obtaining your personal goals for the year. Tune in to listen to how you can make 2022 the year for you!

104 – The True Financial Meaning of Christmas

Bob and Shawn discuss meaningful, financial giving recommendations on this episode, including Donor Advised Funds, donating to a food bank, or giving coats to a homeless shelter. Unfortunately, for many, consumerism and materialism has become the true meaning of Christmas. Instead of celebrating the birth of our Lord through giving, Christmas has turned into a time of financial stress and burdens. Instead, it should be a time of peace and joy as God intended it to be. It’s time for America to again find the true financial meaning of Christmas where it’s truly about joy, meaningful giving and the gift of God’s son.

BONUS – How To Make Your Christmas Budget Go Further

Is Christmas shopping stressful? How do you get the best prices? Shawn is joined by his wife (and Bob’s daughter), Jenna, in this special Bonus Christmas episode. Jenna is usually behind the scenes of podcast editing, but wanted to step in front of the mic this time to share some of the strategies that she uses when it comes to Christmas shopping. Therefore, the flow and style of this bonus episode is completely different! They mention everything from stocking stuffers to hitting up lightning deals to try and obtain the best prices around holiday shopping.

103 – Questions to Consider Before Making a Big Financial Decision

Are you about to make a large, financial decision? If so, this is the podcast episode for you! Making a decision that involves a large, financial purchase is both stressful and gratifying at the same time. However, there are also A LOT of questions to ask oneself before an actual decision is officially made. We are not saying to not reward yourself for hard work or to live like a pauper (unless that’s your calling), but what we are saying is to be wise, think long about any large financial decision, and also ask yourself some of the following questions that Bob and Shawn cover in this episode.

102 – High Investment Returns And Wealth

When it comes to high investment returns and wealth, there are common traits, attributes, and characteristics that we see in those with millions in their investment accounts. Many people believe high investment returns are the only way to wealth, but that usually is not the case. For the majority of us, most of our wealth growth has to deal with circumstances outside of returns. Therefore, Shawn and Bob present 15 commonly seen traits in millionaires that Bob has personally seen in his own clients over the past 37 years, as well as covering some myths on chasing investment returns.

101 – Preparing for the Next Economic Winter

In our last episode, Bob and Shawn spoke about 4 different economic booms and busts. This time, they discuss how to prepare for the bad financial times during the good financial times. How can we prepare for an economic bust, or what Bob and Shawn are calling an “economic winter”? Bob points to several passages in the Bible that discuss preparedness and anticipation.

100 – The History of Economic Booms and Busts

Welcome to our 100th podcast!!! We’ve taken quite a long break from recording over the summer, but we are back at it with Christian Financial Perspectives Podcast. In this episode, Bob and Shawn discuss the history of economic booms and busts, from the rise of the Roman Empire all the way up to the recent 2008 Real Estate Bubble that Burst and where we are today. HISTORY repeats itself over and over with nearly the exact same mistakes. Will it be any different this time? Listen to find out!

99 – The History of Faith Based Investing

In every movement, there are pioneers and those who pave the way – those who step out in faith towards a great unknown. In this episode, Bob and Shawn talk about the pioneers of the faith based investing movement. For many years, people were unable to choose who and what their investments were supporting because there just wasn’t information readily available in order to make faith based decisions when it came to choosing where your money went.

98 – Insurance Do’s and Don’ts

Bob is joined by Ron First of Christian Insurance Services to discuss the do’s and don’ts of the insurance business. Insurance is more than just a requirement. Instead, we need to look at insurance with the entire picture in mind as part of your entire financial plan. Ron covers the most common insurance coverages, like health and auto, while also delving into rarely mentioned areas, like disability.

97 – How To Make Good Financial Decisions

We are going to break down different ways to avoid making financial mistakes when it comes to major financial decisions. Examples of major financial decisions include items like buying a new car, moving, buying a new or second home, or taking out a college loan. Basically, this is any financial decision that goes above and beyond the normal daily, or even monthly, monetary decisions that we make. In order to be best prepared when it comes to large financial decisions, we have divided our process into three different areas: Emotional, Spiritual, and Factual.

96 – 21 Costly Financial Mistakes People Make

Unfortunately, many of us have fallen prey to common financial mistakes, but it doesn’t have to be that way. There are so many that are easily avoidable if you know what to look for. This episode breaks down 21 of the most common financial mistakes that Bob has seen people make over and over again during his 30 years in the financial business.

95 – 10 Principles of Biblical Generosity

Are you someone who gives your finances and your time out of a cheerful heart, or is it something you feel obligated to do? This episode discusses what the Bible says about the importance of giving generously. Giving generously is a very important subject in the Bible and one on which Jesus frequently spoke. It shows our faith to God and that we trust in him for support.

94 – Location No Longer Matters

Just 2 years ago, having a financial advisor in a different state, or even city, was something that most people never considered. Why? The capabilities to video chat, email, and sign digitally have been available for many years, but most people had not been utilizing these technologies. The recent coronavirus restrictions changed all this and vastly accelerated the adoption of these technologies far ahead of the expected timeline. In this podcast, we discuss why “Location no longer matters”.

Dealing with Investment Uncertainty Cover Photo for Christian Financial Perspectives

93 – Dealing with Investment Uncertainty

Christian Financial Advisors has received numerous phone calls, emails, and texts about many of the recent events. Bob addresses some of them including the coronavirus, the new administration and Biden’s numerous executive orders, the massive borrowing of money due to coronavirus unemployment, and last week’s manipulation of GameStop’s stock price. Take a step back from all of the chatter of the news and social media platforms and replace it with prayer, scripture, and God’s outdoor creation.

21 Financial Scriptures to live by in 2021 Podcast Cover Art

92 – 21 Financial Scriptures to live by in 2021

Bob and Bailey read and discuss 21 of Bob’s favorite stewardship verses that are a great way to start 2021 off right when it comes to your financial decisions. Did you know that the Bible contains over 1500 scriptures that have to do with money, stewardship, and possessions? Jesus actually spoke on stewardship more than heaven and hell combined. It’s hard to go to any book in the New Testament without seeing it.

Wrapped Present with the title Charitable Giving Strategies Using Non Cash Assets for Christian Financial Perspectives Podcast

90 – Charitable Giving Strategies Using Non Cash Assets

Tis the season for giving, so what better way to celebrate the giving spirit of Christmas than to learn how to give better and more efficiently. In this podcast, Bob covers the most efficient ways to give using the other 90% of what’s in non-cash assets. He is joined by a charitable giving expert, Ryan Assunto of the National Christian Foundation, to talk about giving more efficiently.

Thinking man icon with the title Traits to Look for in a Financial Advisor for Christian financial perspectives podcast

89 – Traits to Look for in a Financial Advisor

With so many important factors that our finances play into, isn’t it just as important to find a financial advisor that has your best interests in mind in order to help you obtain all your financial financial goals? In this episode, Bob and Bailey cover many of the traits you should look for when choosing a financial advisor, especially the importance of choosing a fiduciary, fee based advisor over a commissioned based advisor with a potential conflict of interest.

35 mph speed limit signs with title understanding investment risk from Christian financial perspectives podcast

87 – Understanding Investment Risk

Life is full of risk. Everytime we get into a car, move to a different city, get on a plane, or start a new job, there is a RISK, and the list goes on and on. What if the human race decided to never take any risks? Risk is not a bad thing because a life completely void of risk would be very boring. In this episode, Bob and Bailey discuss 15 types of investment risks, because when you know what the risks are, you can make better educated decisions.

umbrellas, will, plant in money jar, and financial picture tablet with title the life stages of financial planning

84 – The Life Stages of Financial Planning Part 2

In Part 2, we discuss how the different elements of financial planning fit into each life stage. Financial planning should be living, breathing, and changing as you do throughout all the stages of your life. Bob educates you in this podcast about many of the various pieces of the financial planning puzzle and how they should all fit together for a successful outcome.

living room, mother holding baby, RV in the desert, and happy senior man reading newspaper with title life stages of financial planning

83 – The Life Stages of Financial Planning Part 1

We all have different phases of our lives that demand unique financial requirements. Financial planning is definitely not a “one size fits all” or even a “one size fits most” type of solution. We each fall into separate categories when it comes to income, expenditures, debt, and savings. However, most of us can divide our lives up into 4 different stages, which Bob and Bailey discuss in part 1 of our episode on “The Life Stages of Financial Planning”.

2 story home with the title are rental homes a good investment from Christian Financial Perspectives podcast

82 – Are Rental Homes a Good Investment

People like the idea of having rental property as investment income because it’s a tangible asset that you can see, feel, and walk around. However, many times, the risks far outweigh the benefits, especially if you are looking at rental property as a form of passive income. Instead of a rental property making money for you, you can actually end up losing money. There are many risks associated with rental property income, and Bob covers the top 10 risks of vacation rentals and home rentals in this episode.

street signs and diverging paths in the forest titled important decision making processes from Christian Financial Podcast

81 – Important Decision Making Processes

Have you ever had to make a really important decision and just didn’t know where to start? Whether it was moving for a job or deciding whether or not to sell a house, we all have been there. It is usually an extremely difficult and stressful time. Well, what if there was a decision making process that you could follow to aid in your choice? Lucky for us, there is! Ron Blue has created a 10 step process concerning decision making so that you can have more confidence in the choices you make.

key icon on decorative background titled 7 keys to significance and finishing well from Christian Financial Podcast

80 – 7 Keys to Significance and Finishing Well

Think about great men and women of God who have lived their lives to the fullest, packing meaning and purpose into everything that they have accomplished. No matter who it is, they probably all have one thing in common. They finished well. Dr. Ken Boa of Reflections Ministries joins Bob in discussing living a life with purpose as they discuss “7 Keys to Finishing Well.”

Creating A Family Legacy title written on paper with ink pen from Christian Financial Perspectives Podcast

79 – Creating A Family Legacy

Bob is joined by guest Bill High, the CEO of The Signatry, a global Christian Foundation that equips donors, advisors, and ministries to fulfill their unique roles in expanding and impacting the Kingdom of God. He is also a published author and conference speaker on creating lasting legacies. Creating a lasting legacy is exactly what Bob and Bill discuss in this episode of Christian Financial Perspectives.

Woman counts money and spouses holding hands titled husband/wife communication with finances from Christian Financial Podcast

78 – Husband/Wife Communication With Finances

This episode covers one of the most common topics when it comes to marital conflict – finances. When it comes to marital communication about finances, many of us have differing expectations. Joining Bob in offering her expertise on this subject is speaker and consultant, Sharon Epps. Sharon helps churches and individuals energize stewardship and generosity. She is also the founder of Women Doing Well, a “Christ centered organization that helps women of influence and affluence find their purpose and passion in life and develop a plan for how to further their personal generosity journey”.

Football on field above title Pursuing Significance at Life's Halftime from Christian Financial Perspectives Podcast

77 – Pursuing Significance At Life’s Halftime

Many of us reach a point in life where we have achieved some measure of success and might have even accumulated more than we need, yet there’s still something missing. Eventually, we come to realize that accumulating more things or pursuing career advancement is simply not enough and we want our lives to count for something that will live on long after we’re gone. Bob is joined by special guest Lloyd Reeb, the founding partner and spokesman for the Halftime Institute.

Vintage heirlooms and photos above title Inheritolatry from Christian Financial Perspectives Podcast

76 – Inheritolatry

Bob and guest, Jim Wise, discuss the term that Jim coined called “inheritolatry”. Inheritolatry is the decision to leave an abundance of financial resources to the next generation without regard to financial responsibility, spiritual commitment, or the size of the estate. The typical American way of inheritance is dividing it equally among our heirs, but is it biblical?

The Question of Ownership, The Case for Investing in God-Honoring Companies from Christian Financial Perspectives Podcast

75 – The Question of Ownership

Bob interviews Jason Myhre, the Director of Advocacy at Eventide Investment Management, whose philosophy is “Investing that makes the world rejoice!®”. Learn about lining up your investment portfolio with God honoring companies that are making a positive impact on our society while avoiding the negative ones. Jason delves into the history of Eventide and the positive impact that investing with your values can have on our world.

Covid icon above title Dealing with Fear And Uncertainty During COVID-19 from Christian Financial Perspectives Podcast

74 – Dealing with Fear & Uncertainty During COVID-19

Bob interviews Dr. Andy Ward, who breaks down fear, what causes it, and the brain’s reactions to feeling fear. In the midst of COVID-19, almost all of us are facing emotions like fear, grief, and anxiety surrounding the uncertainty following this pandemic. We are truly hoping that what he has to say about fear and uncertainty will help you during these times of unrest surrounding the coronavirus epidemic.

Happy grandparents with grandkids with title Finding God's Purpose During Retirement from Christian Financial Podcast

73 – Finding God’s Purpose During Retirement

Tune in with Bob as he discusses retirement and finding God’s purpose during this transitional time. What is God’s desire for your life during retirement and are you open to being called to a higher mission? Joining Bob is John Haanen, the founder and CEO of the “Denver Institute for Faith & Work”, an educational nonprofit that teaches and convenes leaders on theology, work, calling, and culture.

Ink pen next to title Top 10 Estate Planning Mistakes to Avoid from Christian Financial Perspectives Podcast

72 – Top 10 Estate Planning Mistakes to Avoid

Bob and special guest Shawn McCammon discuss the top 10 mistakes surrounding Inheritance and Estate Planning. Shawn is an estate planning attorney and CFP® who works with individuals and families to find effective solutions to meet their goals in the areas of estate planning, trust administration, business planning, and asset protection.

Bride and groom next to title For Richer or Poorer from Christian Financial Perspectives Podcast

71 – For Richer Or Poorer

Marriage is a game changer. You are becoming a team, a unit. It starts out full of promise for a hopeful future, but sometimes life gets in the way of happily ever after, and we soon run up against conflict. Since money is THE most common cause of friction in most marriages, Bob and Mary Jo have made an episode focusing specifically on finances in marriage.

Glasses on a laptop computer above title Mid Career Risk from Christian Financial Perspectives Podcast

70 – Mid Career Risk

What happens when you are looking at a possible job loss as you are nearing retirement? That’s the question we tackle on this episode about mid career risk and its impact on retirement planning. It may be happening to you, or someone you know, at this very moment. It’s yet another example of how we have to hope for the best and plan for the worst.

eye chart and clear water with title Finding Financial Clarity from Christian Financial Perspectives Podcast

69 – Finding Financial Clarity

Are you striving to have a solid financial future? It starts with clarity of your financial life. Clarity allows us to see the truth in past matters in order to make the best decisions for the future. It’s no different for finances. They decided in this episode to break down the word C-L-A-R-I-T-Y into financial counterparts according to each letter.

Ron Blue with title Ron Blue Interview from Christian Financial Perspectives Podcast

68 – Ron Blue Interview

Bob and Mary Jo interview very special guest Ron Blue. Ron is the president and founder of Kingdom Advisors, as well as the founder of The Ron Blue Institute. Listen in as we dive into what motivated Ron to get into the Biblical financial planning movement, the amazing Christian leaders he met along the way, and his plans for Kingdom Advisors as this incredible organization continues to grow.

money on table with title 20 Money Principles For 2020 Part 2 from Christian Financial Perspectives Podcast

67 – 20 Money Principles for 2020 Part 2

This episode ends part 2 of our 2 part series on “20 Money Principles for 2020” to help you become more financially successful, with an emphasis on what the Bible says about financial issues. Biblical guidelines not only help us to live a successful life, but they also illustrate many of the financial principles that are mentioned.

Tax forms on a table with title Year End Tax Planning Tips from Christian Financial Perspectives Podcast

64 – Year End Tax Planning Tips

We look at some year end tax planning tips for this year that need to be incorporated as soon as possible, as well as some that might benefit you over the course of a lifetime. There are no guarantees in life but one thing we can all probably agree on is that taxes will only go up and deductions will only become fewer in the years to come.

Wallet with many credit cards titled Master Your Credit Rating from Christian Financial Perspectives Podcast

63 – Master Your Credit Rating

Bob and Mary Jo discuss the importance of having an excellent credit rating. A credit rating is not only used when buying a car, home, or applying for a credit card, but it is also used by insurance companies determining rates, employers determining whether to hire you, landlords determining rent, and even utility companies determining a deposit.

Texas flag with title Texas Values in Jeopardy Christian Financial Perspectives Podcast Cover Art

61 – Texas Values In Jeopardy

In this interview with Jonathan Saenz, President of Texas Values, Bob and MJ discuss the importance of Christian Values that formed the great state of Texas and how they are in jeopardy of being lost in Texas and across the nation. Texas, being the economic superpower that it is, is being attacked by leftists and if they capture it, they may just capture the whole nation.

Several umbrellas with title Are You Protected Christian Financial Perspectives Podcast Cover Art

60 – Are You Protected

Bob and Mary Jo discuss basic household insurance, commonly referred to as Property & Casualty (or P&C for short). Insurance is one of those things we know we need, but we always seem to buy it reluctantly. Some may view it as a necessary evil, while others may view it as a commodity and opt to shop on price alone. However, some insurance is more than just insurance, it’s real protection. It’s peace of mind knowing that you, your loved ones, and your worldly goods are covered.

Paper money and coins titled What's Your Money Style Christian Financial Perspectives Podcast Cover Art

59 – What’s Your Money Style

Everyone has a story to tell about their history with money, but we also have a money style that may stem from this history. Our money style tells us who we are and how we view our money. Only when we begin to understand what drives our behavior when it comes to money decisions can we begin to make changes.

Loss of a Spouse Episode Cover Image

56 – Loss Of A Spouse

Bob and Mary Jo discuss the loss of a spouse. Having been financial advisors for many years, they both have dealt with clients who have experienced the life changing event of losing a spouse through death or divorce. Whether you fit in this category or not, you may know someone who does so we invite you to listen and share with anyone you may know dealing with a loss or about to.

Tax Efficient Tithing Strategies

54 – Tax Efficient Tithing Strategies

Bob and Mary Jo are joined by special guest and brother in Christ, John Madison, CPA. John is the owner and founder of Dayspring Financial Ministry, a biblical financial counseling and coaching ministry. John explains the more tax efficient ways that we can donate to charity given the current tax laws.

Got Questions We Have Answers

53 – Got Questions? We Have Answers!

As Wealth Advisors, Bob and Mary Jo are continually asked both hard and easy questions. However, they get many of the same questions over and over as clients strive to find contentment with their financial situation(s). With this in mind, this episode covers some more of the top questions that many financial advisors, like Bob and Mary Jo, are asked on a daily basis.

If It Sounds Too Good To Be True

51 – If It Sounds Too Good To Be True

Have you ever heard something that sounds too good to be true on a radio program where “Financial Planners” hype certain products that offer great returns at little to no risk? They often sound too good to be true, and listeners are getting sucked in to a promise that is misleading and something that they may not fully understand. In this episode, Bob and Mary Jo cover many key points to protect yourself and equip you to make more informed decisions.

Sudden Wealth Syndrome

48 – Sudden Wealth Syndrome

The phenomenon of suddenly coming into wealth is called – you guessed it – Sudden Wealth Syndrome. This episode is perfect for anyone that has recently, or soon will, come into a large amount of wealth. Bob and Mary Jo discuss four psychological dangers and four solutions for Sudden Wealth Syndrome, as well as nine common ways sudden wealth is obtained.

Financial Mistakes We All Make

47 – Financial Mistakes We All Make

Often times, it is financial decisions that are filled with regret. Many times, it’s because we didn’t know any better. Unfortunately, most people don’t really understand their complete financial situation and if it is healthy. Bob and Mary Jo are here to help with that by presenting some of the most common financial mistakes that they see with clients.

Eventide Interview with Shaun Morgan

44 – Investing That Makes The World Rejoice

Eventide Asset Management, LLC is a Boston-based registered investment adviser pursuing “investing that makes the world rejoice.” Founded in 2008, Eventide’s vision is to serve individuals, financial advisors, and institutions by providing investments that create compelling value for the global common good.

Planning For What Ifs and Whens

43 – Planning For What Ifs And Whens

Everyone seems to focus their attention on investment management. However, it is the ongoing relationship between your investments and planning for the future where the real magic happens. Financial Planning is a lifelong process where you manage your entire financial picture in order to achieve your financial goals.

Riskalyze Logo

42 – Interview with Mitch Mitchell of Riskalyze

In this episode, we want to introduce you to a tool that will help you choose peace over worry when it comes to your investments called Riskalyze®. Riskalyze® is a financial technology company that provides software for analyzing investment risk and building and implementing investment portfolios. Bob and Mary Jo interview special guest, Mitch Mitchell, who is the Customer Success Manager for Riskalyze® to give a complete breakdown of this piece of technology, how it works, and how you can use it.


41 – From FOMO to JOMO

Bob and Mary Jo address the phenomenon regarding FOMO or “Fear Of Missing Out”. This episode shows how we can move from FOMO to JOMO “Joy of Missing Out” – joy and contentment with where you are and what you have. Wikipedia defines it as “A pervasive apprehension that others might be having rewarding experiences from which one is absent.” This social anxiety is characterized by, “A desire to stay continually connected with what others are doing”.

Kingdom Advisors with Guest Rob West

38 – Who Is Kingdom Advisors

You may have heard Bob and Mary Jo talk about Kingdom Advisors before. Joining them is special guest Rob West, the President of Kingdom Advisors, a professional association promoting the integration of a biblical worldview into financial practices. In this episode, you will learn about Kingdom Advisors, who they are, and what that can mean for you.

Planning for Incapacity Part 2

37 – Planning for Incapacity Part 2

On today’s show, Mary Jo is joined again by Ron First of Christian Insurance Services to discuss “Planning for Incapacity” in our 2 part series. In this episode, Mary Jo and Ron discuss protection – primarily long term care planning and ways to cover this expense.

Planning for Incapacity Part 1

36 – Planning for Incapacity Part 1 of 2

On today’s show, Bob and Mary Jo are joined with Ron First of Christian Insurance Services to discuss in a 2 part series on how to plan for incapacity. Who doesn’t want that? So listen to this episode to learn about an extremely important topic and one you should pay special attention to no matter what stage of life you are in.

Car Buying 101

35 – Car Buying 101

Are you thinking about buying a new car, trading your car in, or just wondering how to save money when it comes to the entire car industry? Many of us give very little thought to the total cost of owning a car. Join Bob and Mary Jo as they share their experiences, tips, and tricks when it comes to purchasing a new car.

Interview with Robert Netzly of Inspire

34 – Interview with Robert Netzly of Inspire Investing

On this episode, Bob and Mary Jo interview special guest and friend, Robert Netzly, the founder and CEO of Inspire Investing. Inspire focuses on biblically responsible investing with a goal to “inspire transformation for God’s glory throughout the world by building low cost, biblically aligned investments that create meaningful change in the lives of people across the globe”.

Biblical Viewpoints Part 2 and 3

31 – Biblical Viewpoints of Money and Wealth Parts 2 and 3

In Part 2 of the Biblical Viewpoints of Money and Wealth series, Bob and Mary Jo explore the “Roles and Responsibilities of Owners and Managers” and “The Biblical Worldview of Working and Retirement”. Here at Christian Financial Perspectives, we believe that all financial decisions are spiritual decisions because everything belongs to God, and we are managers of His money.

He is Risen

30 – He is Risen

Here at Christian Financial Perspectives, Easter is an important holiday to us because it represents the resurrection of our Jesus Christ. Bob and Mary Jo wanted to offer some insight into the Easter story and how it relates to money.


28 – Diversification

In finance, diversification is a process of allocating capital in a way that can reduce exposure to any single asset or risk. Bob and Mary Jo breakdown the principle of diversification and all of its different aspects and look at it from various perspectives.

Money Master or Money Monster

27 – Money Master or Money Monster

Bob and Mary Jo present ways to create a “Family Money Legacy” for your children and/or grandchildren. A common goal for many parents and grandparents is for their children and grandchildren to learn how to master their God given resources, and not have money master them. It’s important to create a “Money Master” and not a “Money Monster”.

It's All in the Family Part 2

26 – It’s All in the Family Part 2 of 2

In Part 2 of our 2 part series “It’s All In The Family”, Bob and Mary Jo discuss the importance of having financial conversations with your spouse in a sensitive and productive way. Having these conversations is usually anything but easy. So, in order to better provide a simple way to begin these conversations, Bob and Mary Jo offer “10 Tips for Talking With Your Partner About Money”.

It's All in the Family Part 1

25 – It’s All in the Family Part 1 of 2

Talking about finances can be a taboo subject that is difficult to discuss. This difficulty is multiplied when it comes to discussing current financial situations and a financial future family members. In Part 1 of our 2 part series “It’s All In The Family”, Bob and Mary Jo discuss the importance of having these financial conversations with family members – specifically one’s parents and one’s children.

19 Financial Wellness Tips for 2019 (1)

23 – 19 Financial Wellness Tips for 2019

January isn’t the only time to make positive changes! We all know how hard making changes and incorporating new habits can be, especially when it comes to finances. However, there’s no time like the present. When you develop a stewardship mentality, you are poised to go on an unforgettable adventure with God.

Top 15 Client Questions

22 – Top 15 Client Questions

Here at Christian Financial Advisors, we get a lot of great questions on a daily basis from clients, and many of these questions are the one and the same. Bob and Mary Jo decided to record a program based on the most common questions that we receive as financial advisors.

eVALUEator Tool with Guest Dave Hart

18 – eVALUEator With Guest Dave Hart

This week, Bob and Mary Jo interview David Hart, the president of sales and marketing for eVALUEator services. eVALUEator is a tool for screening investments according to morally and biblically-responsible values. It is a tool for giving investors knowledge and the ability to be a good steward and stay away from various activities.

The Need for Financial Planning

17 – The Need for Financial Planning

Would you take a road trip without a map or GPS? In this episode, Bob and Mary Jo cover the many reasons for needing financial planning. Financial planning is the process of wisely managing your finances so that you can achieve your dreams and goals – quite simply, a map to get you to the financial future you desire.

Christian Financial Perspectives Podcast Cover Art of exhausted couple with stacked papers titled Procrastination

16 – Procrastination

Many find themselves in a revolving cycle of of putting off financial matters that need to be done. Could you be in this cycle? Bob and Mary Jo talk about one of the main reasons for financial failure in almost every area of your finances – procrastination.

Podcast Episode 13 - The Emotional Investor

13 – The Emotional Investor

This week, Bob and Mary Jo discuss one of the most fascinating aspects of investing – how emotions and FEAR can control investment decisions. More often than not, investor’s behavior is fueled by emotions. As a result, they tend to buy high and sell low which is the exact opposite of what you want to do.

Christian Financial Perspectives Podcast Cover Art of decorative title Thanksgiving and Timely Reminders

10 – Thanksgiving and Timely Reminders

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday looming around the corner, Bob and Mary Jo share tips for sticking to a budget when it comes to gift giving and money spending. They also touch on other year end topics including charitable gift giving, reviewing your tax situations, and maximizing your retirement plan contributions.

Christian Financial Perspectives Podcast Cover Art of retired couple traveling titled Creating an Income Stream in Retirement

9 – Creating an Income Stream for Retirement

Have you created an income stream for retirement? This is something many of us worry about on a daily basis. In this episode, Bob and Mary Jo discuss different topics surrounding retirement income such as replacement income and how to avoid dipping into the principal of your investments early on, as well as the guidelines surrounding your Required Minimum Distribution (RMD).

Christian Financial Perspectives Podcast Cover Art of tax sheet graphs and tables titled 18 Income Tax Strategies for 2018

6 – 18 Income Tax Strategies

In this episode of Christian Financial Perspectives, Bob and Mary Jo discuss “18 Income Tax Strategies for 2018” that may help lower your income taxes. They also supply a variety of Bible verses supporting paying your taxes, as well as verses on finance in general.

Christian Financial Perspectives Podcast Cover Art of cartoon hand holding money tree titled The 10 Uses of Money

5 – The 10 Uses of Money

We discuss the 10 uses for money:
– 4 DAILY uses

There is a lot to explore and consider. We are sharing guidelines and these guidelines can be interpreted in various ways that’s why we thought today’s message is so important.

Christian Financial Perspectives Podcast Cover Art of highlighted Bible titled What is Impact Investing

2 – What is Impact Investing?

Biblically responsible investing (BRI) is a subset of impact investing (also known by faith based investing). How does it fit under this umbrella? BRI seeks to align itself with companies supporting conservative agendas. BRI avoids buying publicly traded companies directly, or indirectly through a mutual fund or separate account manager, that are known to violate Biblical principles.

Christian Financial Perspectives Podcast Cover Art of making notes in Bible titled What God's Word Says About Money

1 – What God’s Word Says About Money

What exactly are the scriptural guidelines when it comes to money and finances? As Christians and followers of Christ, we can probably all agree that the Bible is made up of God’s word, and God is the source of Biblical wisdom. Biblical wisdom is timeless, transcendent, accurate, universal, and practical.

Podcast Cover Art of Bob Barber and Mary Jo Lyons Financial Advisors titled Welcome to Christian Financial Perspectives

0 – Intro

The Bible has the best foundation for all of our money management principles and all of the basics for financial planning and how to create a financial wellness plan for you and your family. All we have to do is look for it, and it’s there! Scripture speaks on how to invest, how to handle money on a daily basis, paying taxes, and so much more. There really are very few people talking about this right now, and we are excited to be bringing this information to people all over the world through our Christian financial podcast.