104 – The True Financial Meaning of Christmas

Bob and Shawn discuss meaningful, financial giving recommendations on this episode, including Donor Advised Funds, donating to a food bank, or giving coats to a homeless shelter. Unfortunately, for many, consumerism and materialism has become the true meaning of Christmas. Instead of celebrating the birth of our Lord through giving, Christmas has turned into a time of financial stress and burdens. Instead, it should be a time of peace and joy as God intended it to be. It’s time for America to again find the true financial meaning of Christmas where it’s truly about joy, meaningful giving and the gift of God’s son.

BONUS – How To Make Your Christmas Budget Go Further

Is Christmas shopping stressful? How do you get the best prices? Shawn is joined by his wife (and Bob’s daughter), Jenna, in this special Bonus Christmas episode. Jenna is usually behind the scenes of podcast editing, but wanted to step in front of the mic this time to share some of the strategies that she uses when it comes to Christmas shopping. Therefore, the flow and style of this bonus episode is completely different! They mention everything from stocking stuffers to hitting up lightning deals to try and obtain the best prices around holiday shopping.

103 – Questions to Consider Before Making a Big Financial Decision

Are you about to make a large, financial decision? If so, this is the podcast episode for you! Making a decision that involves a large, financial purchase is both stressful and gratifying at the same time. However, there are also A LOT of questions to ask oneself before an actual decision is officially made. We are not saying to not reward yourself for hard work or to live like a pauper (unless that’s your calling), but what we are saying is to be wise, think long about any large financial decision, and also ask yourself some of the following questions that Bob and Shawn cover in this episode.

102 – High Investment Returns And Wealth

When it comes to high investment returns and wealth, there are common traits, attributes, and characteristics that we see in those with millions in their investment accounts. Many people believe high investment returns are the only way to wealth, but that usually is not the case. For the majority of us, most of our wealth growth has to deal with circumstances outside of returns. Therefore, Shawn and Bob present 15 commonly seen traits in millionaires that Bob has personally seen in his own clients over the past 37 years, as well as covering some myths on chasing investment returns.

101 – Preparing for the Next Economic Winter

In our last episode, Bob and Shawn spoke about 4 different economic booms and busts. This time, they discuss how to prepare for the bad financial times during the good financial times. How can we prepare for an economic bust, or what Bob and Shawn are calling an “economic winter”? Bob points to several passages in the Bible that discuss preparedness and anticipation.

100 – The History of Economic Booms and Busts

Welcome to our 100th podcast!!! We’ve taken quite a long break from recording over the summer, but we are back at it with Christian Financial Perspectives Podcast. In this episode, Bob and Shawn discuss the history of economic booms and busts, from the rise of the Roman Empire all the way up to the recent 2008 Real Estate Bubble that Burst and where we are today. HISTORY repeats itself over and over with nearly the exact same mistakes. Will it be any different this time? Listen to find out!

99 – The History of Faith Based Investing

In every movement, there are pioneers and those who pave the way – those who step out in faith towards a great unknown. In this episode, Bob and Shawn talk about the pioneers of the faith based investing movement. For many years, people were unable to choose who and what their investments were supporting because there just wasn’t information readily available in order to make faith based decisions when it came to choosing where your money went.

98 – Insurance Do’s and Don’ts

Bob is joined by Ron First of Christian Insurance Services to discuss the do’s and don’ts of the insurance business. Insurance is more than just a requirement. Instead, we need to look at insurance with the entire picture in mind as part of your entire financial plan. Ron covers the most common insurance coverages, like health and auto, while also delving into rarely mentioned areas, like disability.

97 – How To Make Good Financial Decisions

We are going to break down different ways to avoid making financial mistakes when it comes to major financial decisions. Examples of major financial decisions include items like buying a new car, moving, buying a new or second home, or taking out a college loan. Basically, this is any financial decision that goes above and beyond the normal daily, or even monthly, monetary decisions that we make. In order to be best prepared when it comes to large financial decisions, we have divided our process into three different areas: Emotional, Spiritual, and Factual.

96 – 21 Costly Financial Mistakes People Make

Unfortunately, many of us have fallen prey to common financial mistakes, but it doesn’t have to be that way. There are so many that are easily avoidable if you know what to look for. This episode breaks down 21 of the most common financial mistakes that Bob has seen people make over and over again during his 30 years in the financial business.

95 – 10 Principles of Biblical Generosity

Are you someone who gives your finances and your time out of a cheerful heart, or is it something you feel obligated to do? This episode discusses what the Bible says about the importance of giving generously. Giving generously is a very important subject in the Bible and one on which Jesus frequently spoke. It shows our faith to God and that we trust in him for support.

94 – Location No Longer Matters

Just 2 years ago, having a financial advisor in a different state, or even city, was something that most people never considered. Why? The capabilities to video chat, email, and sign digitally have been available for many years, but most people had not been utilizing these technologies. The recent coronavirus restrictions changed all this and vastly accelerated the adoption of these technologies far ahead of the expected timeline. In this podcast, we discuss why “Location no longer matters”.

Dealing with Investment Uncertainty Cover Photo for Christian Financial Perspectives

93 – Dealing with Investment Uncertainty

Christian Financial Advisors has received numerous phone calls, emails, and texts about many of the recent events. Bob addresses some of them including the coronavirus, the new administration and Biden’s numerous executive orders, the massive borrowing of money due to coronavirus unemployment, and last week’s manipulation of GameStop’s stock price. Take a step back from all of the chatter of the news and social media platforms and replace it with prayer, scripture, and God’s outdoor creation.

21 Financial Scriptures to live by in 2021 Podcast Cover Art

92 – 21 Financial Scriptures to live by in 2021

Bob and Bailey read and discuss 21 of Bob’s favorite stewardship verses that are a great way to start 2021 off right when it comes to your financial decisions. Did you know that the Bible contains over 1500 scriptures that have to do with money, stewardship, and possessions? Jesus actually spoke on stewardship more than heaven and hell combined. It’s hard to go to any book in the New Testament without seeing it.