175 – Can I Recession-Proof my Finances?

“Recession” is a word constantly looming in many Americans’ minds, and it is a common topic among news outlets. But, what if you could prepare financially for a recession? Bob and Shawn discuss the ongoing predictions of an economic recession in the financial markets. They emphasize the inevitability of economic cycles with periods of boom and bust.

Through insight from various scriptures, they encourage diversifying investments across different sectors of the economy, saving during prosperous times, and avoiding excessive debt. Economic cycles are a natural part of life, so preparing for them should be a natural part of financial planning as well.

174 – Pioneering Faith Based Investing: The Timothy Plan Story

Delve deep into the history of Christian financial stewardship and Biblically Responsible Investing (BRI) as Shawn speaks with Timothy Plan team member, Brian Mumbert. Christian Financial Advisors is proud to be a part of this movement since the beginning of Timothy Plan.

30 years ago, Timothy Plan introduced only a few morally responsible investment fund choices, and they now offer several mutual funds and ETFs, along with multiple other firms now offering Biblically Responsible Investment options. They are a leader in the BRI movement and have truly helped pave the way for values based investing when it comes to Christians investing with their Biblical principles in mind.

The history of BRI, its growth, and how far it has come over the years is truly a blessing!

173 – Is Retirement Biblical

Join financial advisors, Bob Barber and Shawn Peters, as they discuss the Biblical view on retirement. Drawing from Numbers 8:23-26, the only passage in the Bible explicitly mentioning retirement, they note that the Bible’s context of retirement doesn’t perfectly align with typical Western ideas. The Bible actually heavily emphasizes the importance of work, viewing it as a blessing, not a curse.

Retirement for Christians should not mean disengaging from life to pursue leisure but should instead be a phase to serve others. It can be a time to focus on ‘marketplace ministry,’ using your skills and extra time to volunteer. While they’re not against leisure activities like golf, they caution that an obsession with such activities in retirement can lead to depression and a lack of fulfillment. Proper planning—both financial and spiritual—is essential for a meaningful, Biblically-aligned retirement.

172 – Does God Really Care What I Invest In

Join Bob and Shawn as they delve into the topic of Biblically responsible investing, questioning if God really cares where Christians invest their money. Drawing on various scriptures, they argue that Christians should invest in a manner that aligns with their faith and values. There’s a difference between merely doing business with companies and actually profiting from them. Thus, ownership implies a greater level of responsibility.

They also address a common question about whether one can both invest responsibly according to Christian values and have a diversified portfolio. The answer is a resounding yes, noting that there are over 2,500 Biblically responsible companies and a variety of corresponding ETFs and mutual funds. Overall, this episode serves as a guide for Christians who seek to align their financial decisions with their faith.