184 – Year End Charitable Gifting Ideas

Want to give beyond just cash this year? Donate stocks, real estate required IRA distributions, and more by December 31st. Bob and Shawn the importance of alternative non-cash giving, as the majority of charitable giving is done through cash, despite cash being a small portion of people’s assets.

Various options for non-cash giving are discussed in depth, including opening a donor-advised fund, contributing to a charitable gift annuity, donating appreciated stocks, and donating other valuable assets. Tune in now to learn about the many ways to give to your favorite charities in unique ways that continue to offer support for many years down the road.

183 – 7 Takeaways For Christmas Spending

Want to avoid debt this Christmas? Make a budget, limit gifts, and remember the reason for the season – Jesus. Bob and Shawn discuss seven takeaways for Christmas spending. Some takeaways suggest using cash or a debit card instead of a credit card to prevent overspending. Thoughtful and meaningful gifts that will be remembered are usually better than expensive gifts. This Christmas, don’t forget to focus on the true meaning of Christmas and to have fun giving gifts!

182 – 2023 Year End Tax Strategies

It’s time to discuss strategies for 2023 year-end tax planning! Want to lower your 2023 taxes with strategies like charitable giving, retirement plan contributions, and medical expenses? Small moves now could save you thousands in the future.

It’s important to pay our fair share of taxes, but also equally important to not pay more taxes than necessary. By taking advantage of strategies like sales tax deductions, you may be able to lower your tax bracket. As always, it’s important to consult with a CPA or tax professional for personalized advice.

181 – 10 Ways To Help Overcome Inflation

Massive inflation is eating budgets alive, but with some wise choices like shopping thrift stores, fixing items ourselves and avoiding impulse buys, there are ways to overcome it. Bob and Shawn emphasize the importance of making wise choices, such as shopping at thrift stores, fixing items yourself, and avoiding impulse buys.

Both hosts provide personal anecdotes and examples to support their points. Overall, this episode is highly aimed to help listeners save money and assist in navigating the challenges of inflation.