200 – The Best Of Our 199 Episodes

Do you know the difference between popular financial advice and essential Bible-based financial wisdom? On this 200th episode celebration, Bob and Shawn reveal the top seven most crucial financial topics from our first 199 episodes.

Christian Financial Perspectives began with the goal of providing timeless Biblical wisdom and education to our audience. Over the years, some of our most educational topics have included sudden wealth syndrome and investing in gold. We hope to continue providing financial advice from a Christian perspective for many more episodes to come!

199 – Biblical Viewpoints Of Money and Wealth Part 3

Are you ready to dive deeper into God’s design for generosity, giving, and leaving a lasting legacy? In this final part of our series, Bob and Shawn explore Biblical perspectives on using wealth to bless others and how to properly pass on an inheritance that impacts generations to come.

“Biblical Viewpoints of Money and Wealth” emphasizes the importance of stewardship and giving from a Biblical worldview. In this episode, weeks 6 and 7 are summarized, which includes the ripple effect of giving and the proper way to leave an inheritance and legacy for future generations.