What is Christian Wealth Management

7 – What is Christian Wealth Management?

Join us as we discuss 15 wealth management issues that are critical to the financial well being of most successful families. Not all of them will apply to every situation since every financial situation is unique and based on financial, social, and/or emotional needs.

18 Income Tax Strategies for 2018

6 – 18 Income Tax Strategies

In this episode of Christian Financial Perspectives, Bob and Mary Jo discuss “18 Income Tax Strategies for 2018” that may help lower your income taxes. They also supply a variety of Bible verses supporting paying your taxes, as well as verses on finance in general.

The 10 Uses of Money

5 – The 10 Uses of Money

We discuss the 10 uses for money:
– 4 DAILY uses

There is a lot to explore and consider. We are sharing guidelines and these guidelines can be interpreted in various ways that’s why we thought today’s message is so important.

Estate Planning The Wrong Way The Right Way

4 – Estate Planning The Wrong Way The Right Way

Estate planning is a very important part of wealth management. In this episode, we are covering different techniques and tips that we recommend when it comes to creating an estate plan involving your family.

Virtues to Look for when Choosing a Financial Advisor

3 – Virtues to Look for When Choosing a Financial Advisor

How do you choose a financial advisor? It’s not just about experience (although experience is important), but looking for a financial advisor encompasses a variety of areas including client relationships, truthfulness, openness, and if they are approaching your financial portfolio from a holistic perspective.